We are all guilty of sitting on our phones in a moment of boredom or just because. My husband and I are constantly reminding ourselves to get off our phones, but my dogs are the ones who taught me the most important reasons to put my phone away. I am sharing with you what they taught me!


1. Your dog will be grateful for any extra attention you can give.
2. Experience the moments with your dog right in front of you rather than scrolling through someone else’s.
3. Your dog doesn’t have a phone, tv or computer; you are all your dog has.
4. What will you remember more, playing outside with your dog or scrolling through Facebook?
5. You can learn something new with each other – new tricks, skills or even exercises.
6. Your dog is always taking in their surroundings especially on a walk -smells, sights and being present. They want to enjoy that with you.
7. You might be missing out on how your dog is feeling, physically and mentally.
8. Your dog can teach you lessons about yourself, they can’t teach you when you aren’t paying attention.
9. Snuggling is not the same with a phone in one hand.
10. Our dogs aren’t here forever, every second with them matters.

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