Earth Day is coming up on April 22 and what better way to celebrate our planet than with our dogs! Here are some ideas to celebrate the day together 🙂

1. Clean up the neighborhood together – leash up your dog, grab two trash bags (one for recycling and one for trash) and walk your neighborhood picking up litter.

2. Limit car rides – instead of driving to the coffee shop that’s 5 blocks away, walk there with your pup! Bring a friend as it’s never a good idea to leave a dog unattended outside stores.

3. Re-evaluate your recycling – is there anything you can recycle instead of throw away that is related to you or your dog? For example, can you take the extra step to clean out dog food cans or plastic containers and recycle them?

4. Plant some of your favorite foods – if you feed your dog sweet potatoes regularly, think about growing your own!

5. Compost dog poop – instead of reaching for another plastic bag, compost your dog’s poop and use it for fertilizer. Here is info on how to get started.

6. If you aren’t in the market to compost dog poop, use eco-friendly dog poop bags instead.*

7. Save on harmful flea and tick sprays and all the little plastic pieces of them and make your own. Use my instructions, here.

8. While you’re at it, make your own doggie toothpaste and itchy skin shampoo for dogs and store it in mason jars instead of buying items contained in plastic.

9. Get outdoors and explore nature with your dog – embrace the beauty of quiet, natural surroundings.

10. Know where your dog’s food is manufactured and how it’s contributing to preserving, or harming, the earth. Many large-scale dog food companies source meat from factory farms that take a major toll on the environment. Or, these same companies will process, render and make inedible by-products into edible dog food from the same factory farms. All of these actions are taking a major toll on the planet. Buy from small, local dog food manufacturers or look into supporting local farms. Many local farms have pet food co-ops and will deliver fresh, sustainable and eco-friendly dog food to your dog.

Happy Earth Day!!


*affiliate link meaning I get a small and appreciate commission!

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