There are endless benefits to using essential oils for yourself and your dogs! Here’s a roundup of my favorite essential oils to use on the dogs during the summer and why. I recommend using Young Living, Doterra or NOW Essential Oils (affiliate link).

  1. Frankincense: This essential oil can be used to calm dogs during travel or when visiting new places. Rub a drop on the back of their neck before you leave the house.
  2. Lavender: Also a calming aid but can also be used on irritated skin or wounds.
  3. Peppermint: Use 1-2 drops of peppermint essential oil on the back of your dog’s neck to naturally cool them off. This works for humans too! If you suspect your dog is overheated or dehydrated, take them to the vet immediately.
  4. Rosemary: Bugs hate rosemary essential oil! This is a naturally woody smelling oil and can be used to ward off backyard bugs. I also use it in my DIY flea/tick spray.
  5. Citronella: Also a way to keep bugs away. You can drop some of this essential oil around your patio or combine with water and spray around the yard to prevent mosquitoes.
  6. Lemon: Not only is lemon great for cleaning, it is great for allergies too. Diffuse 2-4 drops of lemon essential oil to help with summer allergies that might be bothering you or your pup.
  7. Thieves: Thieves is my go to for cleaning anything that has to do with my dogs. From household messes to paw wipes, thieves is antibacterial and very safe. Combine 1-2 drops of thieves with water, mix, and dip a cloth in the mixture to clean dirty outdoor paws.

When using essential oils with your dogs, use caution and never let them ingest any oils. 


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