I am pretty particular about what I feed my dogs. From their raw diets to DIY treats to homemade immune boosting bone broth soup– everything I feed my dogs is all-natural, made and produced in the USA, or made by me from ingredients I purchase at the grocery store. Mylah and her diabetes, and now enzyme issues, are another main reason I feed my dogs these high quality foods. I never, ever give my dogs rawhides or giant chewing bones made from random ingredients and covered in chemicals to keep them “fresh”. But my pups are chewers, they love to chew on deer antlers (more on those later), and will rip apart a tennis ball whenever they get the chance. So it’s great when I can give them something to chew that I can trust isn’t going to ruin their stomachs at the same time.


My dogs have always loved chomping on duck feet, pig ears and bully sticks. However, it’s tough buying these products from a store that might not label where the product came from or any additional ingredients. I usually buy these treats sparingly and give them to my dogs once in awhile because of those unknowns.

Enter: Best Bully Sticks whose products are made in the USA, are low fat, protein rich and 100% digestible. Those factors are key to me when choosing products for my kiddos. Here’s some more info on the company that sold me:


“At Best Bully Sticks we’ve gone to great lengths to find low-calorie bully sticks for canines of all sizes. Your puppy, adult or senior dog will enjoy hours of entertainment chewing and gnawing while also working on dental hygiene. You’ll feel good knowing bully sticks are low fat, protein rich, and 100% digestible. They’re also 100% natural, in contrast to chemically-treated rawhides that can take ages to digest, invite bacteria growth and even present a choking hazard. Our bully sticks are inspected and approved by USDA/FDA and national food inspection authorities, and they come from free-range, grass-fed bulls.”


My pups tried their Duck Feet, Pig Ears, and of course, Bully Sticks.
Bully Sticks
I’ll admit, I was taken a back by how big these bully sticks are. They are the 12 inch sticks. One package was thicker bully sticks and the other was thinner ones. Mylah got a thinner one because she is tiny and can’t have a ton of additional treats in one sitting. Hudson and Izzy both got the bigger, thicker bully sticks. They LOVED them and they last! I only wanted to give them about half of one each so we could save them for later and because they are just so big. They do sell them in 6 inch packages and those are probably the ones I’d buy to give to them for one sitting. Half the 12 inch sticks gave my pups a lot of rigorous chewing time!

Duck Feet
Yes, they do not look appetizing in the least bit to us humans, however they are a good source of protein. Given the fact that my dogs chew them up pretty quickly, I’d say they taste great to my dogs. These aren’t really a ‘keep your dog busy’ treat but they’re healthy and my dogs  start drooling the second they come out of the bag. Stay tuned later this week for DIY
Sweet Potato Popsicles made with duck feet.


Pig Ears
These are not as durable and chewy as the bully sticks but they give my pups a good 5-10 minutes of fun chewing. These are a good travel treat if you are on a long car ride and need to give them something to do and to satiate their appetites. We will be taking these with during our next car ride to the lake.


I always tell people to keep an eye on your dogs whenever you introduce a hearty, hard chewing treat. Make sure your dogs can’t choke on any pieces they might make from chewing the treat up into pieces.


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Disclosure: I was given a free package of Best Bully Stick products in exchange for an honest review of their products. The DIY Dog Mom only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Best Bully Sticks is providing the prize to the winner.

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