Adult & Senior Dog Calorie Calculator

Estimate your dog’s calorie intake with this calorie calculator! This is based on metabolic weight which you can read more about here (but is not a requirement for using the calculator). There are many variables when it comes to determining your dog’s energy (calorie) requirement which is why there are multiple energy numbers to choose from in the calculator. You should evaluate how many calories your dog is currently eating and if it’s working for the dog or not. Additionally, life stage, altered status, exercise and health issues all play a role. To use this calculator follow these steps:

1. Choose a unit of measurement, either lbs or kg) and enter your dog’s weight

2. After entering your dog’s weight, choose your dog’s energy number from the dropdown menu and then you have your daily calorie needs!

3. Email the results to yourself

Please note that this calculator is for healthy adult and senior dogs only – not puppies. 




Daily Caloric Needs


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