This post is sponsored by Herbsmith, all opinions are my own and I only discuss products I personally use. 

As many of you know, my second youngest dog, Mylah, was diagnosed with diabetes at 10 months old. She’s lived with this disease for the past seven years of her life. As her dog mom, I wanted to make sure I knew anything and everything I could about diabetes so I could be prepared to give her the best life possible. There are so many different aspects that disease can affect – some you might not think could be possible. The canine body is a delicate ecosystem and when one part of the body isn’t functioning properly it has lasting effects on other parts.

Aside from the more obvious concerns for Mylah’s diabetes, an additional concern I am always on top of is her urinary health. Diabetic dogs can easily develop urinary tract infections and additional complications as a result of their disease. The reason this happens is if a diabetic dog has excess sugar in their urine, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Sometimes well regulated diabetic dogs will have sugar in their urine too, unfortunately. 

Diabetic dogs who contract infections anywhere – whether in their bladder or elsewhere are always prone to more complications because their overall immune system is compromised by diabetes itself. This is when complications arise and you can wind up with a dog in a cycle of illness from the disease. It’s important for this reason to be proactive when it comes to a dog with diabetes.

That’s why I choose to use products such as Herbsmith’s Bladder Care supplement to maintain a healthy urinary tract for Mylah. Since using this product starting in June 2018 and haven’t had any issues with Mylah’s urinary tract system at all! I like this product for a few reasons I’ll list below. 

  • Bladder Care was formulated by holistic veterinarian, Dr. Bessent
  • As a company, Herbsmith utilizes Chinese herbal medicine for all their products
  • Herbsmith educates pet parents on Traditional Chinese Medicine energetics
  • The products itself are made with impactful and powerful herbs for pets

It’s a super easy supplement to add to our mealtime routine for Mylah and she tolerates it very well! I sprinkle it on the food and she gobbles it right up. 

Herbsmith’s Bladder Care supplement contains a proprietary blend of herbs including cranberry, d-mannose, gardenia, and licorice. Click here to read all the ingredients!  If you are ready to purchase this supplement use my code, DIYDOGMOM for 10% off!

As of late I also started adding the Bladder Care supplement to Izzy and Jayne’s food as well. Why? Well, for a few reasons. For Jayne, I began to add it to her food as she started her heat cycle. Yes, we went through that and boy was it something I never want to go through again. There are so many things that I was nervous about while she was going through the entire heat cycle and I knew that an extra bladder support supplement like Herbsmith’s could really help her. We had no issues throughout her heat cycle and I continued giving her the supplement through her spay surgery and while she recovered.

For Izzy – as she has gotten older (she is 10 years old now), she has had some random leaking issues that I have always been on top of with our vet. I felt this supplement could help her with any excess damp or heat-related issues going on. So far, I have not noticed any leaking from Izzy!

Overall, I am so glad that these options exist for us holistic pet parents out there. When any of my dogs (not including Mylah) are having a bladder related issue, this is the product I go and grab from my cabinet. Mylah is getting this supplement more regularly because of her diabetes. Her bladder care and health is an ongoing part of her disease I want to be on top of. 

Purchase this supplement to help boost your dog’s urinary healthy and be sure to use my code, DIYDOGMOM for 10% off!