Services to help the mind, body, and spirit of dogs and their owners!

well·ness  |  the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates

Food is the foundation for all life. That’s why it’s critical that we feed our dogs as individuals catering diets to their life stage, breed disposition, physical and mental status. All too often I see pet parents feed their dog by means of convenience without addressing the diet from a species-appropriate level. We are too used to ‘surviving’ instead of working toward the goal of thriving, the same applies to our pets. 

Our pets mean the world to us and we want the best for them and that should start from a foundational level: nutrition. Proper nutrition for your dog is key to a long and healthy life for your beloved companion.

Services offered for dogs living anywhere:

  • commercial diet consultation, $68
  • formulated cooked or raw recipes, $90
  • specialized diet formulation, $125
  • nutrition consult call, $50

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Use of essential oils can help with a variety of physical and mental ailments that a dog or horse might need extra assistance with. When used safely and properly, aromatherapy can be very transformational as an animal’s olfactory system is so much more powerful than that same system we as humans possess.

Dogs and horses have the ability to heal using essential oils on a profound level as they do not judge the system of aromatherapy and take in the healing properties of essential oils from an unbiased standpoint. Proprioceptively, dogs, and horses are able to better balance their emotions, physical ailments and heal faster when aromatherapy is being used.

Services offered to dogs and horses living in the Northwest Chicago area and online:

  • in-person session, $85
  • online session, $60

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There are so many benefits when it comes to canine massage therapy. Whether you are seeking proactive therapy for your dog, needing maintenance care or sports massage for an adult dog, or palliative care for an aging dog – the advantages of this therapy are extensive.

I utilize a wide range of techniques to address a number of common issues pet parents might be having with their dog. Myo-fascial release, Swedish massage, TMJ, acupressure, Gua Sha, stretch work, and red light therapy – all integrative modalities your dog can benefit from depending on what is needed to ensure your dog is living his or her best, happiest and healthy life.

Services offered to dogs in the Chicagoland Northwest Suburbs

  • Initial consult, $80 (one-time, includes massage)
  • 20-minute massage, $40
  • 40-minute massage, $60
  • Animal AromaPressure™
  • Acupressure add-on, $30
  • Gua Sha add-on, $30
  • Red Light Therapy add-on, $25

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Life coaching specifically for dog people. Let me help you and your dog take the next step in your lives together. Maybe you feel like you’ve lost your connection with your dog, you are burnt out by your dogs medical diagnosis like canine diabetes, or you are just unsure how to be the best dog parent you can be.

I am here to work through all this. So often I wished I had someone to talk to who understood things and could get me and my dog on the best path to wellness, together. That’s why I created life coaching specifically to address what dog parents want and need out of life with their best friend.

Services offered to dog parents everywhere:

  • one session, $120
  • three sessions, $300

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In-Person Services

Services are available throughout Northwest Chicagoland in Barrington, Deer Park, Cary, Fox River Grove, Palatine, Schaumburg, Kildeer, Long Grove, and surrounding areas.

These services take place in the comfort of your own home or barn so your animal is at ease and relaxed.


  • Canine bodywork and massage
  • Canine and equine aromatherapy consults
  • Nutrition consults

Distance Services from Anywhere

These services are available from anywhere in the world! We will set up coaching and consult sessions via the phone, skype or zoom. If you have a preference for how you’d like to communicate we can do what is best for you and your animal.


  • Nutrition services
  • Canine & Equine aromatherapy consults
  • One-on-One coaching


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This information is not meant to treat or diagnose your dog, or replace veterinary care. Please consult with your veterinarian if you want a medical diagnosis for your dog. Please also review the terms of service and waiver for services, click here. 

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