It’s simple, I really care about dogs – like, really.


I’ve been an animal lover since I was born. Loving on dogs, birds, bunnies, and pigs since I can remember. Now with five of my own dogs, all so different in their own physical and behavioral ways, I’ve learned through first-hand and formal education how important well-rounded and holistic care is for dogs.

My Approach to Holistic Pet Wellness

→ Dogs are earthly beings who depend on the energy and vitalism of the natural world as a foundation for their overall health

→ Every dog is an individual and treating or feeding all dogs ‘one way’ is detrimental to a dog as its own being

 Food plays a critical role in the overall health and longevity of dogs. If approached correctly from science-based and functional methods, food can be a dog’s most powerful ally

 Holistic modalities used since ancient times such as massage, herbalism, and aromatherapy are ways our dogs can connect to the natural world despite living in a not-so-natural time in our world 

I’ve seen first-hand the impact that a holistic approach to nutrition, bodywork, herbalism and overall care for animals can have on a dog’s health and happiness. Helping others to be able to give their dog’s the best care this way is what I am so passionate about. Your dog becomes a part of my family, who I truly want the best for.

Learn more about me, my certifications, and of course, my dogs by clicking here. 

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