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Does My Pet Blog Need a Media Kit?

The short answer to that question is yes. Yes, your pet blog needs a media kit! Your media kit can be used in the following ways: 1. To connect with potential sponsors 2. It shows you’re credible and invested in your work 3.

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Editing Photos for Instagram Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Yes, we’ve all been there – angrily staring at a computer trying to edit photos. Until I got into the flow of editing photos for my blog and Instagram, I was on the struggle bus. I knew how to use photoshop and edit but I couldn’t figure out a solid look for my photos. I felt like they were all coming out differently. I realized I was making it harder on myself than it needed to be. I needed to develop my branding aesthetics completely and then translate them into the photo taking and photo editing. 

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A Pet Blogger’s Secret Weapon: Pinterest

It is no secret I love Instagram – it’s how I got my start in this whole blogging and owning my own pet business world. BUT I will tell you that there is a secret weapon that I find many bloggers don’t understand and therefore goes under the radar and unused. That secret weapon is Pinterest. If you have an online business, particularly a blog, particularly a pet blog you should be utilizing Pinterest. Pinterest done the right way will equal success.

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Why You Need a Great Biography in Your Instagram Profile

Many Instagrammers overlook the importance of their bio and focus solely on their feed – and I get why. With so much information being thrown at Instagrammers to have the perfect looking feed and produce great content it can get overwhelming to focus on anything else. But there are SO many other aspects of Instagram that when combined become a total force for your brand. One of those elements being your bio. Those 150 characters are super important because it is the first thing users are drawn to when they go to your profile.

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Why I Started on Instagram + Free Webinar

If you’ve heard a bit about me and my business you might know that I started this dream idea for DIY Dog Mom on Instagram first. I want to explain a little bit more about why I chose to do that. Reason #1: I wanted to build a community and be seen. In short, I wanted…

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What’s with the Sponsored Posts Lately?

If you’re a regular around this place or on my Instagram and Facebook, you’ve probably seen an increase in content that is sponsored by a brand or product. That’s because I’ve been working my butt off to make this blog profitable AND grow my readership to help more…

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Top Don’ts on Instagram

Instagram is an amazing tool that can grow your pet business but I often see the same mistakes being made that can lead to stagnant growth. I put together my top five don’ts on Instagram and explain exactly why you shouldn’t be doing the following. To download the document simply enter your email address to access my resource library so you can learn why it’s a good idea to nix these five practices on Instagram.

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Why I Started The Pet Pro Society

I have to admit, I'm fairly nervous about this post because I haven't ever had to fully put myself out there like I am with The Pet Pro Society. I've always been the one working behind the scenes, and I've been completely fine with it. Actually, I was totally...

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5 Pinterest Tips You Need

I will fully admit I didn't understand the power of Pinterest for awhile. I kind of shrugged it off because it seemed all about fashion or cooking. Well, I was SO wrong. Pinterest and the pet industry go hand in hand. Pinterest has amazing capabilities to bring...

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And We’re Back with a Beautiful New Look!

It's here! The new DIY Dog Mom brand, website and look! I can hardly believe it myself! I worked with an AMAZING, just amazing branding and web designer, Branded by Britt. I cannot sing her praises enough. She took my little blog and turned it into a full blown brand....

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Featured in Tails Magazine

I am so excited to share with my readers this amazing collaboration with Tails Magazine! As a new blogger it is wonderful to have support from well known publications that I admire. Tails Magazine is a fellow Chicago based company that shares and writes articles and...

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