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The Smarter, Digital Pet Tag

I was introduced to Pawscout a few weeks ago and have been loving this interactive app that allows me to connect with my dog’s whereabouts from wherever I am. I’m also able to keep track of walks we take and notify the app and people in the area if one of my dogs gets lost. If one of them did get lost and is wearing the Pawscout tag, I can track

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The Best Carpet for a Multi-Dog Household

I have gone through my fair share of throw rugs, area carpets and tried just about every stain protector or stain remover for carpets. Life with three dogs has always meant that our carpets have the ability to be destroyed at any moment! Now that we own our house, I have learned A LOT about flooring and carpets, probably more than I wanted to know. But with a

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DIY Paw Wipes, Travel Friendly

I wanted to create some easy paw wipes that are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that I can take with me when traveling and keep in my car. This is a super easy DIY for natural paw wipes that can clean irritated paws, or be used for everyday dirty paw cleanings.

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Portable Bathing with BISSELL | BarkBath Review

You know we are usually outside or at the lake, most days during the summer and the dogs are constantly swimming or getting messy in the yard. With big dogs, it’s tough to give them a bath inside and dry them – it’s always a mess. My husband and I either give them a bath with the hose, which isn’t ideal because you can’t control the temperature and it’s too much water flow and we end up with soap suds all over.

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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

If you're like me the holidays can sneak up on you real quick! Here are some ideas for great last minute gifts for dog lovers! Pet Your Shirt: Give your dog obsessed friend a gift card with their dog on a tshirt, sweatshirt, tote bag or all three! I have the tshirts...

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For Dog Moms: Easy Holiday Sangria Bar

Here's an easy and festive sangria bar recipe for your upcoming holiday party! Ingredients: -3 granny smith apples -3 red apples of your choice -2 oranges -two bags of cranberries -rosemary packet -sugar -cinnamon sticks -5 bottles cabernet...

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