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Ways Your Dog Can Take Part in the Big Day

In honor of our second wedding anniversary, I thought I'd share the best ways to incorporate your dog (or dogs) into your big day! Obviously, our dogs are family, they're our kids, and we wanted them to be part of our wedding day because they mean the world to us....

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Giving Your Dog the World in a Small Space

In my daydreams I live on a 30 acre farm with fields and forests for Raina to run through all day, and a huge farm house with a king size dog bed for her to snuggle up in. In reality, we live on a busy street in a tiny two bedroom apartment, 21 floors up with a four...

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On the Road with Dogs & Tips

My husband and I take a lot of road trips throughout the year for vacations, quick getaways, and to pick up dog food a few times a year from a farm up in Wisconsin. Our dogs have gotten pretty used to the road trip routine by now, but it wasn't always easy in the...

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How I Ended Up with Three Beautiful Kids

It's National Puppy Day! I love these national days that celebrate our canine kids and showcase all the greatness that comes with sharing your life with a four-legged family member. In honor of this day, I thought it's appropriate to share how I ended up spending my...

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Wintery Wonderland Weekend

As miserable as winter can be, sometimes you just have to embrace it. Considering how weird of a winter we've had in the Chicagoland area, we have not exactly embraced it either. Our kiddos haven't really had a full-on fun 'snow day'. Luckily this weekend we went to...

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