I’m very excited to tell you about my new partnership with Dogly.com! Dogly has hand-picked canine experts and advocates to lead communities so you and your dog can benefit from the knowledge myself and other have built-up over time. This is a paid membership community and before you go to close out – hear me out why this paid opportunity is important. PS the starting rate is $6 a month, super cost effective!

The reason this is so important to us partner advocates with Dogly is because we get asked to take our knowledge and give it to people for free every day, all. the. time. And while I want to help so many dogs with my advice, recipes, services, etc., I have to make a living. Also, all this knowledge I have aquired has come at a price. Whether it’s a course I’ve paid for, a book I purchased, spending six hours researching a topic – I’ve spent a lot of time and money on my own education and certifications to learn in order to help dogs as best I can. I appreciate that Dogly understands this! 

So, if you are serious about learning about canine health and wellness so your own dog can benefit, I urge you to join my Dogly community! I am serious about helping you and sharing my knowledge 🙂

The community starts at $6 a month and therefore content and resources will be shared on a regular basis. I will also be accessible to you, even on a 1-on-1 basis, at a certain membership level. My community is organized by monthly topics and weekly subtopics so you know what to expect on a regular basis!

Sign up here: dogly.com/holisticpetwellness

September 2019: Feeding Your Dog for its Life Stage
Week 1: Intro
Week 2: Puppy & adolescence
Week 3: Adult
Week 4: Senior

October 2019: Breaking Down What’s in the Bowl
Week 1: Protein
Week 2: Carbs
Week 3: Fat & fatty acids
Week 4: Vitamins
Week 5: Minerals

November 2019: Wellness for Canine Cancer
Week 1: Intro
Week 2: Feeding a dog with cancer
Week 3: Herbal support
Week 4: Additional holistic modalities

December 2019: CBD for Dogs
Week 1: Herbal profile & energetics
Week 2: How to choose the right product
Week 3 & 4: General Q&A check-in during the holidays

January 2020: Massage Targeting Your Dog’s Fascia
Week 1: Intro to massage for dogs
Week 2: Your dog’s fascia
Week 3: Massage demo
Week 4: Stretching for the fascia

February 2020: Canine Aromatherapy
Week 1: Intro + Safety
Week 2: Skin conditions
Week 3: Nervous system support
Week 4: Helping anxiety & depression + relaxing techniques