We are in the holiday spirit around here and I am so excited to share this adorable DIY project that is super fun and festive (and of course, dog themed)!

I also have a new free printables section of the website that I am so excited to share! Anytime I have a DIY project I use a template or printable for, I will be sharing and uploading to this new section! So, let’s get started on this DIY project and then you can head over to get your free printables!

Dear Santa Sign

Pretty much every area of our house is decorated in Christmas style and we have a few dog ornaments on the tree but I wanted to have a fun very dog specific element of decor to add to the house. I was inspired to make this after my sister bought a similar sign at a store in Hawaii. This cost me around $12 to make total and I LOVE how it turned out!

Supplies List: 

  • 11×11 or smaller (no smaller than 8.5×8.5) wood board. I found mine at Joanns for $6
  • Wood paint in red or green
  • Paintbrush
  • Wood paint marker
  • Wax paper (Got mine at the dollar store)
  • Printer
  • DIY Dog Mom’s Dear Santa Printable
  • Flat smoother or a credit card works
  • Sand paper (optional)


  1. Cut the wax paper to the appropriate 8.5 x 11 paper size
  2. Download the Dear Santa printable pdf document from my library. This will be reversed when you download it which is correct for the transfer.
  3. Carefully feed the wax paper into the printer making sure it goes under the rollers. I’ll admit this took me two times to figure out how to do it properly but once I got the hang of it it worked perfectly!!
  4. You have to do this next step very quickly! If you want to test this step out as well I would recommend it. Hit print after you’ve loaded your wax transfer paper in. Right when the wax transfer paper comes out of the printer with ink on it press the wet ink side right onto the wood very carefully and press and smooth the letters down firmly. This will give you the outline of the words.
  5. Take a wood paint marker and outline all the letters. I filled in the cursive Dear Santa because it was just easier.
  6. Then if you have any ink stains or mess ups (I did!) you can take a small piece of sand paper and sand those down. If you have colored or stained wood make sure you do this lightly or you can distress the wood throughout so it looks purposeful.
  7. Finally, paint! Paint in the lines with your red and green paint. I did two coats so the red would be brighter.
  8. I had some gold glitter paint laying around and everything is better with glitter so I did the Dear Santa and & outlined in gold and hand drew some paw prints in gold on the left side.
  9. Let dry and hang or sit in your desired space!




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