Happy fall! I’m so excited to show you my latest DIY project – a cost-effective and easy Autumn wreath – with the dog’s paw prints on it! I made a video so you can watch every step and included written instructions below.

I got all the wreath supplies at the Dollar Tree, and the wooden heart ($1) and nontoxic paint ($4) at Joann’s. Total cost was under $20 for a custom wreath with the dog’s paw prints on it!

What You’ll Need…
For the wreath:
1 metal wreath ring, like this
1 wooden wreath ring, like this
4-5 leaf garland in assorted fall colors, this is a seasonal item at the Dollar Tree
1 spool of string or floral wire, like this. If you use floral wire you’ll need some wire cutters and pliers
I also purchased some additional faux leaves from the Dollar Tree in case I needed them.
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For the paw print heart:
1-2 colors of non-toxic paint
1 small paintbrush
1 paint pen or vinyl letters
1 smooth, hanging wood heart, I got mine at Joanns

Paw Print Heart
1. Using the non toxic paint, paint a thin layer on your dogs paw. My dogs are used to this type of involvement in a DIY project but not all dogs might be so if this is their first time go slowly.
2. Press the painted paw onto the wooden heart in the desired location for a couple seconds
3. Set aside to dry for an hour and work on the wreath
4. After an hour, the paint should be dry. You can either take a paint pen or vinyl lettering to write something like ‘Give Thanks’ or ‘Thankful’ across the heart.

1. Attach the wire wreath base to the wooden wreath using string or floral wire. I attached them together in three places.
2. Take your first piece of leaf garland and begin to wrap it around the wreath base and adhere it to the base using the string or floral wire. Repeat this step until your wreath is nice and lush looking.
3. Attach your wooden heart to the top of wreath so it can hang in the middle. I used the floral wire but string works just fine too.
4. If you have any places of the wreath that look sparse you can always take a couple faux leaves to use as a filler
5. Hang the wreath and enjoy!

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