I hate leaving my kiddos out of the fun summer activities we do like backyard barbecuing. Sure, they roam around the backyard while we grill for ourselves and friends but it’s always more fun when they can be 100% part of our activities. So we made the pups part of our BBQ tonight by making them healthy and tasty food! I made them two signature BBQ dishes: burgers and chips & dip. And of course, they needed a little dessert – frozen banana with turmeric. Here’s what and how we cooked for our three dogs and their two cousins at our DIY BBQ for dogs!


Frozen Banana & Turmeric
Ingredients & Instructions
-1 banana
-1 tbsp of turmeric powder
1. Slice the banana up and sprinkle the turmeric evenly over the banana and stick in the freezer before starting to make the rest of your BBQ dishes. Take out the banana when the burgers are done grilling.

Burgers – Ingredients & Instructions
-Farm raised, grass fed ground beef – 1lb (size will depend on how many dogs you’re serving)

-6 organic eggs

1. Mix the ground beef and eggs in a large bowl and make into burger patties
2. Heat your grill to the appropriate temperature and grill until well done
3. Take off the grill and cool


Chips & Dip
Ingredients & Instructions
Chips: 1 package of BestBullySticks.com Yummy Yams Sweet Potato Dog Treats
Dip: 1/2 bag of carrots, 1 small sweet potato, 1/2 cup of zero fat, no sugar added, plain greek yogurt
1. Cook the sweet potato in the microwave. Once cooked, peel off skin and add to food processor
2. Add the carrots and greek yogurt to the food processor and mix in processor until smooth
3. Serve the dip with the ‘chips’
Once I got done cooking (and my husband got done grilling the burgers), we served each of the pups portioned meals based on their weight and size. They enjoyed it so much we couldn’t even snap photos quick enough! Check out all the fun photos of our backyard BBQ with our pups!

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