As I write this blog post, Hudson is sleeping in this dog bed right now! Ever since I brought home a faux fur throw rug my dogs have fallen in love with the texture and are obsessed with sleeping on it. So, I decided they needed (yes, needed!) a nice big bed they could lie on, and we needed a new bed in one area of the house.

Why faux fur? Well, I am all things anti-fur and I even make sure the faux fur is truly fake. Here is a good article to make sure what you are buying is truly made from polyester and synthetic fibers and not from innocent animals.

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1. Measure your fabric. Since Joann’s sells by the yard, I got 2 yards of each fabric because I wanted a larger bed. Make sure that no matter the final dimensions you want that when you measure you account for at least 4-5 extra inches of fabric that you make the ties with. My final bed dimensions are 41″x22″, so my cut fabric was 46″x27″.

2. After you’ve cut your fabric to the dimensions you’d like, lay both pieces of fabric on top of each other, fabric side facing outward with your top fabric on the top and bottom on the bottom.

3. Optional: cut your corners out. Meaning at each corner, make a box of about 5″ on each side and cut them out. Some people do this to make it easier to tie the two pieces of fabric together, but I actually don’t use this method.

4. Going down each side of the fabric, cut the fabric in 1-1.5″ wide pieces, 4-5″ tall

5. Start tying all those pieces of fabric together but leave one end of the bed open! Working with the faux fur, you will experience some shedding while tying but ever since I tied them together there has been no additional shedding. I double knotted mine as well.

6. Once you have tied down three of the four sides, start stuffing your fiber fill in the open side. I used about 1.5 bags worth of the Poly-Fil.

7. Tie half of the side and add additional filler if needed. Tie up the rest once ready.

8. Plump up and move the fill around as best you can from the outside. Once your dog starts laying on the bed the fibers get moved around naturally.

I hope your dogs love it as much as mine do! If you make any of my projects be sure to share them on social media using #diydogmom for a chance to be featured!



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