Poop is a big part of being a dog mom – we all have to deal with it and the grossness of picking it up! As a result, poop bags are an essential part of life. It’s been driving me nuts to see poop bag rolls all over our house, in drawers or left by the door. And, of course you can never find a roll when you need one, or forget them when you’ve gone on a walk. I sought to alleviate this problem without spending a bunch of money on a new container. Enter the hanging poop bag holder! You can hang it on your doorknob or hang it on your coat or dog leash rack. And the best part is you can make them to match the style of your house.


What You Need
-1 medium to large sized plastic empty container/bottle (12oz or more)
-Sandpaper or nail file
-Paint of your choice
-18-20 inch ribbon of your choice
-Kitchen scissors
1. Peel or strip off any labels from the container you chose. I used an empty 12oz container that held one of Mylah’s powdered medicine
2. Take your empty bottle or container and carefully make two to four cuts with your scissors down to the brim of the container past the neck or any ridges. Make sure you cut to the same place at the brim
3. Cut in a circle around the brim to open up the container
4. Sand any rough edges with your sand paper or a nail file works just fine too
5. About an inch down from the top of your container, poke a hole on each side of the container
6. Paint the container with your choice of paint color and let it dry
7. String your ribbon on each side from the outside in and tie a knot on the inside of the container. Cut any excess ribbon from your knot
8. Insert poop bag rolls and hang in a desired location!



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