Izzy had been so itchy the first few weeks of February so I decided she needed a deep cleaning and soothing shampoo for her tresses. I really only like two shampoo products you can purchase in store, but ultimately decided to create my own homemade shampoo for her dry itchy skin. I did some research and came up with this dog shampoo to alleviate her dry skin while giving her a nice clean feeling, and softening her locks.


After I lathered Izzy in the shampoo and gently scrubbed it in her fur and on her skin, I had the shampoo soak in for as long as she would sit there – this really helped to moisturize her skin!


It’s been about four days since her shampoo and I have noticed a definite difference. She doesn’t have flaky dandruff and is just normally scratching herself, not in the incessant way she was previously. She is also squeaky clean and soft!


Try it for your own kiddo and let me know if it works!


-1.5 Cups of organic oats
-2 Cups of water
-Half a banana
-1.5 Tablespoon of coconut oil
-1 Teaspoon organic lemon juice
-1 Cup of all natural organic unscented dish soap
-2 Drops of Young Living PuriClean Essential Oil for animals*
-2 Drops of Young Living MendWell Essential Oil for animals*


1.Combine oats and water in a large dish and microwave for about 2 minutes, or until cooked and soft
2.Add in half of a banana, coconut oil, lemon juice, and both essential oils
3. You can either hand mix, or puree or blend this mixture in a blender. I hand mixed this and was fine with the large oats in the shampoo, it can get messy this way so if you want less of a mess I suggest you puree or blend the mixture.
4.After mixing to your liking, add in the cup of dish soap and mix again
5.Put any excess shampoo in a container that can be frozen for further use!
*Essential Oils: If you do not have those types of essential oils, you can use lavender and rosemary. Make sure you’re using high quality/pure essential oils if it is going on your dogs skin. If you have questions about essential oils email me at alicia@theholisticpetwellness.co!