Taylor Krebs lives in Seattle, WA with her 3-year-old miniature schnauzer rescue, Ruby! When Taylor isn’t working as an architectural designer you can find her blogging all about her dog mom life with Ruby at their blog, Ruby on Alki.

Taylor rescued Ruby from a pretty rough situation. A family had her and didn’t take good care of her at all. “The first night I brought Ruby home, she fell asleep in my lap and slept so soundly for hours. It was like she hadn’t ever had the opportunity to truly be able to relax and rest,” said Taylor. Taylor sat there and held Ruby all night until she woke up and that was the turning point for them. Taylor knew she was a dog mom and this dog would change her life in the best way.

With dog mom-hood comes some struggle, and Taylor figured that out when Ruby began to have terrible allergies. Thanks to the help of their vet they’ve been able to figure out some treatment plans, but Ruby still has flare ups. Ruby suffers from extensive food and severe seasonal allergies. Taylor is working on adding holistic and all-natural remedies to help Ruby out but her allergies are an ongoing issue they work through together.

Luckily, Taylor and Ruby can still enjoy the outdoors and frequently travel together. They spend a lot of time hiking, boating and being outdoors.

Their favorite DIY project is one up on their blog, be sure to check out their DIY Collar Tassels, and follow them on Instagram @RubyOnAlki!


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