This month’s Dog Mom of the Month features Meg, who is not only my sister but has been lending her skills to the DIY Dog Mom blog as a contributor! I thought this would be the perfect way to get to know Meg more as you’ll see more articles written by her.


Meg currently lives in Honolulu, Hawaii and works as a yoga educator and instructor. She moved to Hawaii about three years ago with her boyfriend John who is in the Navy. While John was away on long naval trips, Meg began fostering dogs for the local animal shelter.


She fostered a few dogs before fostering Raina, who needed a foster home after she was listed as urgent. When Meg picked Raina up from the shelter she immediately knew this was her dog and adopted her after a week. Raina is a small mixed breed dog who is about two years old.

Meg quickly realized she was a dog mom when she took Raina on her first hike. Meg had to help Raina figure out how to jump over logs and so Meg would have to pick her up and put her back down or help her over with treats and positive reinforcement to teach her how to continue on the hike. At one point, Raina’s leash got accidentally unhooked, and she started to run ahead on the trail. Meg and John got Raina back quickly, but Meg was more than panicked and went into full mom mode at that moment.


A challenge Meg and Raina faced that ultimately strengthened their bond occurred a little after adopting Raina. She was bitten by a large dog at the beach while leashed and in Meg’s arms. Meg started to get really bad anxiety anytime they were around another dog alone, and Raina began to sense it. “For months I avoided being alone in unpredictable social situations with her, at the park or beach, I felt safer having John nearby in case anything happened,” says Meg. Since John travels a lot for work Meg had to overcome this anxiety and started taking Raina to daycare so she could socialize away from Meg’s nerves and slowly began integrating both of them back into dog-friendly parks or beaches. “Now we have established better communication in these settings, she knows to listen when I say her name and to stay close, and I have learned what to look for in other dogs behavior, their owners’ behavior, my emotions and hers and how to balance it all in order to keep her safe,” says Meg.


Some of their favorite family activities with Raina now include going to the dog park or beach. They can both have fun together, making memories and Raina can either run free or be running alongside Meg on a leash.

Meg loves making lamb bone broth soup for Raina and spoiling her with lamb lung dog treats. “She literally does a dance when I bring out the bone broth,” says Meg.
Be sure to check out Meg’s contributions so far to the DIY Dog Mom blog.  She writes about living with your dog in small spaces, routine, living a balanced life with your dog, and more to come!


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