I use this paw soak anytime one of my dogs has an irritated, itchy, inflamed paw or a cut paw pad. It is super simple and you only need two things: warm water and betadine. You can purchase betadine at any local grocery store or pharmacy. This is a great remedy for dogs who have a paw yeast infection or if your dog is chewing their paw because of allergies. I explain how I do the soak and the benefits in a quick video, check it out below!

One thing to note is you should always keep the dog’s paw very dry after the soak if you are trying to get rid of bacteria or keep a cut clean. Do not wrap the paw or cover it, dry it very well after the soak and use a cone to keep your dog from licking the paw.

I am not a veterinarian and this is not meant to diagnose or treat your pet. Always consult with your veterinarian first when in doubt ?