By trade, I own an event planning company and have been planning events for over ten years. Many of the events my business partner and I plan are fundraisers for non-profits, and, shocker, a lot of them happen to be dog rescue related. Though event planning can often seem daunting for charities, there are fun and easy DIY projects that can help you raise extra money at your next event. I’m including two of my favorites in this post: a Wine Grab, and a Gift Card Tree from a recent event. Both are easy, cost effective and can raise your organization additional funds! Plus, they are fun!

Wine Grab
Assembling the Wine Grab is pretty simple and cheap. Board members and volunteers donate 30 – 40 bottles of various wine, low to high-end reds and whites. Wrap them up with tissue, or other cute paper, and tie them with string or ribbon around the top and attach a picture of a dog the organization has saved. Guests at the event donate $25 to ‘grab’ a bottle of wine and see what they get!
Supplies: You can get most if not all of these supplies at your local Dollar Store.
1. Tissue paper or colored foil paper
2. String or ribbon
3. Pictures of dogs
4. Hole punch or hot glue gun

1. Place the tissue paper on a flat surface and put the wine bottle in the middle
2. Take the ends of the tissue paper, bring it to the top of the wine bottle, and have it all come together in a pretty bunched way
3. At the neck of the bottle, tie your string tight in a knot so it all if held together
4. Hole punch a picture at the top and attach to the string on the bottle and make a bow or another knot so the picture stays on
Gift Card Tree
When soliciting for donations, try to get anywhere from 15 – 30 various gift cards (additional ones that won’t deter from your auction packages) ranging from $15-$40. You’ll assign each gift card to a different breed of dog and put each gift card in its own envelope labeled with the corresponding breed. Guests donate $15, pick a breed from the tree and are given the surprise gift card!
There are a few ways to DIY the tree, either by purchasing most of the supplies you will
need, which cost anywhere from $40-$70, or by using branches and sticks if they’re available to you. For either way, below are the supplies you’ll need.
1. You’ll need to either purchase branches, like these from for $20.26, or if you live in a wooded area or have access to branches, pick an assortment of your own
2. For the vase, you can purchase one like this from for $34.99; or you can purchase a clear vase from your local Dollar Store, and if you have access to strips of bark or wide, short sticks, you can hot glue the bark or sticks to the vase for a wooded look
3. You will need some FloraCraft Dry Foam Blocks ($7.49) to stick the branches into inside the vase. You might be able to find this at your local Dollar Store as well.
4. You will need two types of paper – a thick glitter type card stock like this from, and white paper
5. Hot glue gun and glue stick
6. Ribbon and hole punch
7. Last, you will need a dog bone stencil. This is something easy you can print and size via a google image search, like this


1. Make the Dog Bones First
a. Take the stencil you printed out, stencil your dog bone from the glitter paper

b. Using the white paper, make a rectangle that will fit inside your glitter dog bone and attach the white rectangle to the dog bone using a glue stick
c. Write the dog breed on the white paper
d. Hole punch the top of the dog bone and loop the ribbon through it and tie like you would an ornament so you can hang it on the tree
2. If DIYing the Vase
a. Take your sticks and hot glue them to the vase
b. Let dry overnight
3. Assemble the Tree in the vase
a. Cut the dry foam blocks to fit inside the vase you have
b. Insert and assemble your branches in the dry foam blocks so they are stable within the vase
c. Take your dog bone ornaments and hang them all over the branches
Have fun and good luck with your next fundraiser!
Check out the video I also made for this particular fundraiser, which is also another great way to showcase the organization to raise funds!

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