One-on-One Coaching for Dog People

I created this life coaching to help dog parents connect with their inner voice and make the changes they want for both themselves and their beloved dog. 

Your dog is your mirror but we as humans often don’t recognize what is happening within us also affects our dogs.  Along the way, in your relationship with your dog, you can feel a sense of guilt, feel lost, or worried that your lives aren’t working together the way you envisioned.

My coaching sessions focus on individual life coaching as it relates to your dog and the life you want to build together. Whatever your goal for you and your dog, I am confident we can achieve it!

Choose from one ($120) or three ($300) coaching sessions that can be scheduled weekly or monthly. Coaching sessions are up to 90 minutes long by phone or video conference.

Topics often include wellbeing for dogs, help with a canine diabetic or other diagnoses, spiritual growth for you and your dog, and more. 

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One on One Coaching for Dog Parents

Coaching might be good for you and your dog if…

  • you are both struggling with dis-ease (lack of ease or harmony within the body)
  • your dog is a diabetic and you need further support and help
  • your dog needs a better diet and wellness plan
  • you want to understand holistic health and wellness for your dog but are unsure where to start
  • you want a career change to work with animals or in the pet industry
  • you want to better balance time with your dog, work, friends, and family
  • you want to overcome any dog ‘guilt’ you might have
  • you work in the animal or pet industry world and need to learn how to take care of yourself while still giving to animals
  • you are seeking general support from someone who understands

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