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My dogs are chewers – like they destroy toys in a moment because they chew so hard. Finding durable toys can be tough because I want the toys to actually last. Finding eco-conscious, made in the USA toys that are durable almost seems impossible. Well, not anymore!

What if you could buy a durable dog toy, and feed two children from Ethiopia because of your purchase? Sounds too easy and good to be true right? It isn’t. That’s the mission behind WO Design, a conscious company who makes durable dog toys and has successfully provided over 13,000 meals for widows & orphans in Ethiopia since the fall of 2016.

My pups got to play with these awesomely durable toys that can be thrown, chewed and even float – they loved them! Immediately upon opening the package, my dogs wanted them.

Once I got the packaging off the toys – that was it. My pups were hooked, and rightly so.

Hudson loved the large WO Bone and chewed away at it for hours. He did not feel like sharing (HA) so the girls played tug of war with the WO Disc.

We also tried out the WO Disc as an alternative to a frisbee and liked it a lot. It’s better because it is so easy for the dogs to pick up and bring back to us, and it can’t crack because it is so durable.

The WO Pet material is BPA-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA compliant AND they also used recycled materials to help save the planet. All toys are also made in the USA. These are some seriously conscious dog toys.

When we go to the lake this summer I am really excited to try out the WO toys in the water. For now, the dogs keep busy chomping and playing with their WO toys while I work. Yes, I am adding these toys to the list of great toys to keep your dog busy!

Want to win one of the WO dog toys? I’m giving one away so enter the contest below! Contest is limited to residents in the US and is open until March 13th! You can also enter every day to have a better chance of winning.

Want to spoil your dog AND help others? Buy WO dog toys by clicking here.

*This contest is being run by The DIY Dog Mom, however WO Design is providing the dog toy to the winner. If you win, your information will be shared with them.


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