I am all for a good dog party especially when it involves baking treats and creating cute baskets for the pups. Last weekend we had an Easter egg hunt for the dogs and they loved it! Izzy definitely won and found most of the eggs. They all were rewarded for their participation with my carrot ‘cake’ treats! Here’s a breakdown of what went in their easter baskets and how we conducted the egg hunt. The photos are pretty funny and ridiculous so enjoy!


Easter Baskets

I picked up these adorable large metallic eggs from the Dollar Store- they are connected at the base and had holes so the dogs could smell the treats in them. They were also large enough that the dogs didn’t crunch them in their mouth. I got the baskets and the metallic paper bags for the treats at Target in the dollar section. I added some tissue paper in the bottom of the baskets to boost up the eggs. The bunny ears are also from the Dollar Store. Each basket cost me around $4! I filled the eggs with various smelly treats.


The Egg Hunt

I was concerned about how the dogs would react to the eggs but with five adults watching five dogs I felt we could all handle the chaos. And truly, the eggs were large enough that none of them picked them up in their mouths. They just pawed at the eggs to open them and get the treat out! Like I mentioned, Izzy won and Hudson, Mylah and Addy got a few themselves. Ramona couldn’t have cared less and just wanted to play fetch, ha!


Carrot Treats

Last but not least, carrot treat time! This was a highlight for Hudson, his pictures are hilarious. We hope you all have a Happy Easter and have some fun with your dogs this weekend!


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