Happy Halloween! This is the perfect last minute Halloween costume that is SO easy to make for your dog. Not going to lie, I had the intention of making them skeletons this year but then so much blog work caught up with me and I decided stinky skunks was not only easy but adorable.

You need four things for this Halloween costume, and if you have Amazon prime you can get the supplies delivered in time I bet!

First, you are going to measure the entire length of the sweatshirt and then cut the faux fur fabric according to how long the length of the sweatshirt is. The width of the fabric depends on the size of your dog and the sweatshirt and is truly up to personal preference. The width of my faux fabric for a large sweatshirt for Izzy was about 6 inches. Use your fabric glue to glue the edges of the fabric to the sweatshirt.

Then you will cut the tail – I doubled the width of the original faux fur that I put on the sweatshirt so I could basically attach the two ends of the fur together so both sides of the tail were fuzzy. I glued the two pieces together at every end.

Last, glue the tail to the bottom of the sweatshirt and overlap the faux fur on the sweatshirt so it looks continuous. Let it all dry!

Hudson was not in the mood to pose for photos so we mainly got photos of the girls. They look so adorable! This is also a nice warm and cozy costume if you are in colder weather!

Now I have some adorable little stinky skunks roaming my yard! 🙂


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