Yes, we’ve all been there – angrily staring at a computer trying to edit photos. Until I got into the flow of editing photos for my blog and Instagram, I was on the struggle bus. I knew how to use photoshop and edit but I couldn’t figure out a solid look for my photos. I felt like they were all coming out differently. I realized I was making it harder on myself than it needed to be. I needed to develop my branding aesthetics completely and then translate them into the photo taking and photo editing.

Sounds simple enough right?? Kind of. Branding is tough and can be even tougher when you are running a blog on your own. Getting feedback from others or having others to get feedback from is the first key to branding. Once you know you have a few dedicated people to get feedback from you can start the branding process. Let this ultimately dictate how you take and edit photos.

Once your branding is in place you will find it easier to figure out your photos. Take your time to write out a plan for your photos. Make it almost like a vision board specifically for your photo taking and editing. Include specific angles and shots you like and then different editing styles. Make sure that the editing styles fit in with your branding. The colors should represent your business’ colors and style.

You can make sure that your Instagram feed is seamless in terms of the look of the photos by using apps such as UNUM or Preview. Both of these will help you to easily edit or tweak photos so they match your overall look at style. Ultimately, take simple steps back to your branding when you get frustrated by photo editing for Instagram (or your blog or business). Overcomplicating it and spending more than 15 minutes editing a photo will have you burnt out real quick!


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