I talk to Billy Hoekman, Nutrition Science Director, for Answers Pet Food – a company that is changing the pet food industry with their raw, fermented pet food that is sourced more sustainably than most human grade food. If you want to learn more about nutrition for your dog from a highly respected commercial raw food company, this episode is for you.

Answers is at the forefront of the raw food revolution and are continuing to be pioneers in the industry with new ways of giving our pets the best sustainably sourced food.

We talk about all this and more like the no chemical wash Answers has developed for their food safety standards, and we talk about food safety in general when it comes to raw food. Billy also answers the question ‘what is the one thing we can add to our dog’s diet tomorrow that will immediately help improve their health?’

Billy also shares what he’s learned from owning a dog who came from a puppy mill and how his dog’s health transformed his own life. 
All this and more in the episode!
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