“We take on our dog and vice versa”

In this episode, I talk to the Spiritual Dog Trainer, Caroline Griffith, about the energy and hearts of our dogs. The biggest takeaway I’ve had working with Caroline and attending her USA Canine Flow retreat was how much my dogs truly have picked up on my anxieties, constant mode of thinking I need to do something, and more. I share what I found out about myself because of Izzy at the retreat. 

Also mentioned is this surprising fact. Did you know the animal with the largest heart-to-body-mass ratio is the dog? There is so much to explore about our dog’s hearts and emotions and how our dogs are directly affected by our emotions. Learn more about this in part one of this episode.

Part two will be released next week!

Show Notes:

Your Dog is Your Mirror by Kevin Behan: https://amzn.to/2Efc7n8

Caroline’s Website, Spiritual Dog Trainer: thespiritualdogtrainer.com

Caroline’s Facebook: facebook.com/lovewoofandwonder

Caroline’s Instagram: instagram.com/spiritualdogs

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