“I look at buying raw food for some of the dogs in rescue the same way I look at having to buy medication or taking them to the vet” 

Hillary Rosen, the founder of A Purposeful Rescue in Los Angeles, is the wave of the future when it comes to dog rescue. Hillary rescues some of the neediest dogs I’ve seen, and I’ve been working in rescue for a long time. She primarily focuses on senior and medical needs dogs. Anything from autoimmune issues to severe malnourishment – she has some amazing before and after photos of the dog’s she’s saved. What makes her different, and amazing might I add, is that she approaches veterinary care for the dogs by using food as medicine. 

The world of shelter medicine is a much different type of medicine than a holistic approach. Shelter medicine includes overvaccination, early spay/neuter, poor diet, extremely stressful conditions, minimal supportive care, etc… and I don’t fault rescues at all. Cost is a major factor when you’re a non-profit organization and saving as many lives as you can is the goal.

However, when an advocate like Hillary comes around who works tirelessly to approach the whole dog despite the uphill battle of rescue bill costs, this is something to be shared because it can be done! 

This episode will give you insight into A Purposeful Rescue and how Hillary rescues dogs giving them support with raw diets, alternative holistic care – and more!

Show Notes: 
A Purposeful Rescue: www.apurposefulrescue.org/

A Purposeful Rescue Instagram: www.instagram.com/apurposefulrescue/

A Purposeful Rescue Facebook: www.facebook.com/A-Purposeful-Rescue-597589450294260/

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