Here’s an easy and festive sangria bar recipe for your upcoming holiday party!

-3 granny smith apples
-3 red apples of your choice
-2 oranges
-two bags of cranberries
-rosemary packet
-cinnamon sticks
-5 bottles cabernet wine for a large container like mine pictured above
-2 bottles pinot grigio wine for a smaller container like the one pictured above
-5 cans of ginger ale

Steps for red wine:
1. Mix together the 5 bottles of cabernet wine with three cans of ginger ale
2. Dice up a red and green apple, and orange and add to mixture
3. Add about 3/4 of the bag of cranberries to the mixture
4. Add a cinnamon stick

Steps for white wine:
1. Mix together 2 bottles of pinot grigio and two cans of ginger ale
2. 2. Dice up a red and green apple and add to mixture
3. Add in about a half a bag of cranberries

Creating the sangria bar:
1. Dice up the remaining two apples and orange and display them
2. Set out the remaining cranberries
3. Set out remaining cinnamon sticks
4. Take the rosemary packet and wet it. Lay wet on a plate and sprinkle and roll sugar all over the rosemary. Set out to display.

Let your guests enjoy! The rosemary sugar sticks go well with both the red and white sangria and give the sangria that holiday smell!

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