Lessons Include:

  • Lesson #1: What does a complete and balanced diet mean?
    • What it means when a food meets nutrient requirements
    • NRC, FEDIAF, AAFCO info
  • Lesson #2: Does cooking food destroy nutrients?
    • How cooking changes nutrients
  • Lesson #3: Help choosing the type of commercial or home prepared diet for your dog
    • How to choose between raw or cooked food
    • Commercial choices with my favorite brands listed from fresh to kibble
  • Lesson #4: Red flags to look for when choosing a food to feed
    • Signs a food is not complete and balanced and lacking nutrition
  • Lesson #5: Calculating your dog’s metabolic weight (MW) & calories
    • Why this important part of nutrition science is key to understand, how to calculate it
    • Examples using my dogs
  • Lesson #6: Calculating your dog’s nutrient requirements & discussing metabolizable energy (ME)
    • Resources to calculate nutrient requirements 
    • Understanding ME and why it’s important to understand nutrients
  • Lesson #7: Formulating a recipe – what is it exactly?
    • Explanation of what it means to actually formulate a custom recipe for a dog