in This post is sponsored by NomNomNow, all content and opinions expressed here are my own. I only partner with companies I truly believe in. My dog Hudson loves this food and I am excited to share our experience with other pet parents!

My dog’s health and happiness are definitely my number one priorities and always have been. Once I took the leap to go from a western approach to dog care to a holistic one, I noticed amazing differences in my dog’s health and overall happiness.

At first, I was nervous to start feeding raw or home cooked food but I’m so glad I took the plunge and just did it years ago. That was before the pet food industry started to change a bit – in a better direction. Now you can buy real food for your dog made from real, whole ingredients. So if you don’t have the time to make your dog’s food, or worry about making a balanced diet with vitamins & minerals, then I highly suggest you order from NomNomNow.

I like NomNomNow so much because the food is rich with nutrients and they add in important vitamins and minerals your dog should have daily in order to meet nutrient requirements. Every diet is customized by your dog’s weight and activity. I am really trying to curb Hudson’s skin issues with diet and topical remedies. This summer has been tough on his skin allergies and I am hoping this balanced, nutritious homemade real dog food can help. Update 2019: while we did see improvement with Hudson’s skin for a little while after feeding the chicken, he developed sensitivities to chicken in general 🙁 I did a stress scan to determine what his food triggers are so I could feed him the best way possible! Currently I feed my other two dogs Jayne and Meatball (foster) NomNomNow as they do not have food sensitivities and they are LOVING it. Coats are continuing to be in perfect shape, abundance of energy and great stools 🙂

The ingredients I am most looking forward to Hudson eating daily (and why) are:

-Sweet potato: is actually considered a super food for the skin because it contains a high level of vitamin A, beta-carotene and vitamin E

-Yellow squash: a food rich in carotenoids that benefit the health of your skin

-Spinach: rich in nutrients and antioxidants that help human and dog’s skin

-Sunflower & canola oil: both healthy fatty acids to help with dry skin

-Fish oil: high in omega-3 fatty acids which are excellent for skin care

-Vitamins mix: contains more Vitamins E

The order process with NomNomNow was super easy, you give your dog’s details and you can select your dog’s protein source – choose from chicken, pork, turkey, beef and there is even a vegetarian option. Hudson loves chicken, so I ordered the Chicken Chow Wow recipe for him to try.

Hudson’s first NomNomNow box came and included transition meals and information to transition your dog from one food to the other. This was so incredibly helpful because I wasn’t measuring out anything! It was all labeled for me. NomNomNow’s food is also always made and delivered fresh, never frozen – I love this! The food is made weekly in the NomNomNow kitchen and packaged and shipped for dogs right then. It’s packaged and kept perfectly temperature controlled until the fresh dog food is delivered to your door.

The first full Chicken NomNomNow meal Hudson ate, he devoured. He loved it while we were transitioning him but now he waits and drools over his NomNomNow. We are keeping Hudson on the NomNomNow diet and will give another blog post update on how he is doing with his skin allergies after being on the diet for a few weeks.

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About NomNomNow

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Oakland, CA, NomNomNow delivers healthy and nutritious dog meals made with the freshest, restaurant-quality ingredients—all with the convenience of home delivery and free shipping. NomNomNow meals are cooked weekly in the company’s local kitchen, individually proportioned, tailored to meet the specific nutrition needs of each dog, and ready to serve with no preparation.

  • NomNomNow is always delivered fresh, never frozen. Cooked fresh, delivered fresh, served fresh.
  • Individually packaged meals perfectly portioned to meet your dog’s needs.
  • Each recipe is certified by our Veterinarian, Dr. Justin Schmalberg, one of the top pet-nutritionists in the USA.
  • Cooked to order.
  • Human-grade food: good enough for you, ideal for them.

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