In March, Izzy and I traveled to Orlando, FL together to go to the Global Pet Expo! When I shared on my Instagram Stories that Izzy was at the airport with me, I got a lot of questions about how she was flying with me. Well, this is when I then shared on Instagram that Izzy is actually my emotional support animal (ESA). Iz sat with me up front on the plane, mainly in my lap the entire time!

To start, we left from Midway Airport and Izzy loved the airport – it was basically an opportunity for her to socialize which she loves to do 🙂

We landed in Orlando the day before the Pet Expo floor officially opened and got to our rental car, went and picked up some raw food for Iz, and headed to the hotel. We were really tired so we went to bed because day one was going to be a loooong day!

Day One & Two

Both days were filled with meetings and exploring the GPE floor. There were SO many people and companies. It was pretty overwhelming at first but once we got the hang of where we needed to be and how to get there the floor became easier to navigate. Izzy was in heaven. This was basically like a pet store on major steroids. She LOVED being there!

Here are some photos from our first two days at the GPE. Izzy was part of some very important meetings 😉 and had so much fun trying and experiencing new products.


Yes, Izzy met chickens, attended meetings and more! She was a great sidekick and business partner for the expo. The highlight of the GPE was meeting Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker. I got to chat with Rodney about social media trends, speaking engagements and more! He is a wealth of knowledge. Dr. Becker and I chatted in depth about Mylah. Dr. Becker is brilliant and such an amazing resource for raw feeders and the holistic dog care community.

Here’s a list of some of the companies Izzy and I learned about or met with at GPE. Pet parents should definitely look into them for their dog’s needs!

  • The Missing Link – supplements that are great for raw feeders to balance meals. Been trying some and so far love the Kelp supplement.
  • Primalvore – organic bone broth for dogs, a full review coming soon!
  • Herbsmith – supportive supplements based on Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Pet Chef – awesome all-natural treats
  • Answers Pet Food – probably the best raw dog food company out there right now
  • AnimalBiome – microbiome gut restoration system for dogs with gut issues
  • A Pet with Paws – wristlets and accessories for stylish dog moms. Products made from recycled materials.
  • True Leaf Pet – hemp-based treats and products. I have been balancing raw food meals with their hemp supplements.
  • PetReleaf – USDA certified organic CBD oil products, they even own their own farm in Colorado
  • Tether Tug – interactive outdoor dog toy. Izzy had a blast trying this out and her siblings love the one we have at home!
  • The Absorber Towel – the best towel for drying off your dog, especially if they have a heavy coat like Izzy. We used it after a dip in the lake after the expo.
  • Sun Shield Tee –  this t-shirt is so cool, it is lightweight and made from a material that protects dogs from the sun and keeps them cool in hot sunny weather

After the expo on day two and three we had some downtime for adventures to explore a park and then a lake to get some swimming in! It was so wonderful to be in the sun, explore a new place and just be together. If you haven’t gone on a trip with your dog, take one! Even if it’s an hour away, the experience is one of the best you’ll have.


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