The health benefits of golden paste for dogs is kind of a never-ending list! So if you aren’t giving your dog golden paste daily with your dog’s meals I highly recommend you start ASAP! Here are some of the benefits…

  • natural detox (helps get rid of lumps and bumps on dogs, it has significantly decreased a lump on my dog Izzy)
  • anti-inflammatory – great for dogs with arthritis or to prevent it
  • aids in allergy relief
  • great for the liver (protects it against toxins), heart and digestive tract
  • anti-cancer AND can help in the treatment of cancer

I feed my dog’s golden paste twice a day with their two meals morning and night. Turmeric doesn’t last too long in the body so you can feed it in smaller amounts multiple times a day. As with any new food or supplement, start slow. 1/2 a tsp for larger dogs and 1/4 tsp for smaller dogs. My 50lb dog now gets 1 tsp total a day and my 80lb dog gets 1.5 tsp total a day.

I got this recipe from Dr. Judy Morgan and it is the best one I have found so far. She did a video explaining it more!

Ingredients & Instructions

Warm the water in a pan and add in the turmeric. Slowly stir together until it turns into a paste. Turn off your stove at this point. Add the coconut oil, fresh ground pepper, and Ceylon cinnamon and mix well! Serve with the next meal! Store in the fridge for about two weeks. This amount of paste lasts me a little longer than two weeks with my two big guys but I keep feeding it until it is finished. I make this recipe about every three weeks give or take.

Contraindications for using turmeric and golden paste include animals undergoing surgery, with gallbladder disease, surgical patients, diabetes mellitus, gastroesophageal reflux disease, hormone-sensitive tumors, and animals with iron absorption problems.


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