I wanted to create some easy paw wipes that are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that I can take with me when traveling and keep in my car. This is a super easy DIY for natural paw wipes that can clean irritated paws, or be used for everyday dirty paw cleanings.


  • You are going to use about 2 cups of distilled water per 30 gauze pads. I unfolded mine but you can keep yours folded. Place the gauze pads in a bowl or glass container
  • In a different bowl or a large measuring cup, mix together 2 cups of distilled water, 3 drops of calendula oil, 3 drops of arnica oil and 3-5 drops of lavender and nature’s shield or thieves essential oils
  • Mix together these ingredients very well with a whisk or fork. Since you’re mixing oil and water, the mixture will separate if you don’t pour it over the gauze pads immediately after mixing
  • Pour oil mixture over the pads so they absorb all the liquid. If you feel you need more water add a little at a time until the pads are damp with the mixture

If you have a big enough bowl to create the oil mixture you could submerge the pads into the same bowl but you might need to double up on your mixture so the pads are completely submerged.

  • Last, you store the wipes in a plastic bag or a portable wipes pouch like this one
  • You want the wipes to be damp but not dripping wet. You can lightly squeeze out any excess water before placing the wipes in bag or pouch

Super easy, all-natural and portable! Hudson prefers to have his paws wiped while he sleeps sitting up 😉


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