I am now just wrapping my head around all the incredibly important holistic health information I learned over the weekend at the Raw & Natural Dog Summit. The summit was created by Dogs Naturally Magazine, an amazing resource for those of us who are interested in holistic health and raw feeding for our dogs.

I have so many notes to look through and review, so many amazing people I met that I can’t wait to keep up with and so much to incorporate into this blog because of what I learned.

My hands down, favorite speaker was Julie Anne Lee, DCH, who spoke on Saturday and Sunday in a two-part series on canine cancer and homeopathic treatments. Julie approaches and talks about dogs like no one I have ever encountered. It’s like she is spiritually in tune with animals. She opened the first licensed holistic veterinary clinic in Canada and now opened Adorned Beast Apothecary which is changing the lives of dogs already.

I took some video of her lecture on Sunday and posted it in my Facebook group for holistic dog moms. Julie approaches cancer from many angles. For me personally, as someone with a dog who is diabetic and has been living with diabetes for six years now, I found her approach to living day-to-day with your dog and not focusing on the outcome, incredibly refreshing. I have been trying to truly practice this daily and hearing a highly regarded professional say those words gave me even further clarity.

Here are some of my notes that I think will be helpful to many who have a chronically ill dog or a dog with cancer.  We need to change our mindset that cancer, and other ailments like diabetes, are a death sentence for dogs – they aren’t. Dogs can live happily with cancer or diabetes and homeopathy can help immensely.


A few more takeaways I will briefly mention from the summit that I think are helpful for dog parents…

  • Fermented raw food for dogs (and humans) IS THE BEST! It is optimal for health
  • If you can’t pronounce it – don’t feed it
  • Synthetic vitamins aren’t doing anything for your animal
  • Vaccines are disrupting our dog’s natural immune system and ability to fight off disease and illness (I know this first hand from Mylah)
  • Quitting vaccines for your dog will be lifesaving
  • Homeopathy can extend the lives of our dogs who have cancer, diabetes, etc.
  • Oxytocin – learn about applying it to use with our dogs. Turn off the phone, tv, etc and connect with your dog. Build up the natural bond and oxytocin in both your systems



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