This post is sponsored by NomNomNow, all content and opinions expressed here are my own. I only partner with companies I truly believe in. My dog Hudson loves this food and I am excited to share our experience with other pet parents!

You’ve read my two previous posts about feeding Hudson NomNomNow’s Chicken Chow Wow meals and I am excited to share more about our entire experience.

Remember, I really wanted to try NomNomNow’s food to see if it would help him with his skin problems and support healthier skin and coat. I am super excited to report that after feeding him NomNomNow, his coat is healthier and shinier!! 🙂

Before I go into all the main reasons we loved NomNomNow, I want to let you know that I am SUPER particular about what I feed my dogs. I get asked all the time to partner with dog food companies and I usually turn them down because I am all about feeding home cooked or raw foods to my dogs. However, after extensive research about NomNomNow and learning about the home cooked ingredients that are good enough for humans, I felt comfortable feeding this food to Hudson and am glad we tried it out!

Update 2019: while we did see improvement with Hudson’s skin for a little while after feeding the chicken, he developed sensitivities to chicken in general 🙁 I did a stress scan to determine what his food triggers are so I could feed him the best way possible! Currently I feed my other two dogs Jayne and Meatball (foster) NomNomNow as they do not have food sensitivities and they are LOVING it. Coats are continuing to be in perfect shape, abundance of energy and great stools 🙂

Here are our favorite things about the food & a video that shows our favorite things too!

1. NomNomNow is super easy to feed your dog because everything is proportion and meals are packaged individually based on your dogs weight and activity level

2. It has great, healthy, fresh ingredients, Hudson ate the Chicken Chow Wow meals which have great benefits for skin and coat health. I laid those out in this blog post

3. NomNomNow is Made in California with human-grade ingredients. No artificial preservatives, no fillers and is freshly prepared. It arrives to your door packed on ice and fresh ready to serve

4. NomNomNow made the transition from old food to new food easy. With the first order, you get transitional NomNomNow meals so your dog doesn’t get an upset stomach

5. Peace of mind. No more scooping and measuring to make sure your dog gets all the right nutrients, all meals are individually packaged and proportioned to your dog’s size and activity level. Also, no more running out of food, every week new meals are delivered to your door and shipping is always free!

As someone who is dedicated to the health and longevity of my dogs, I highly recommend NomNomNow’s food! Order your dog NomNomNow and experience the health benefits firsthand, get 50% off the first two purchases through the DIY Dog Mom, click here!

If your dog is struggling with skin issues, allergies, lack of energy or is a picky eater, NomNomNow is what I’d recommend you try to help amp up your dog’s health. As a dog mom who is all about nutrition and holistic remedies to give dogs the best health and life possible, you can achieve this with NomNom’s nutritious, species appropriate food that is tailored directly to your dog’s needs. Click here to order and get 50% off!


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