While I tried to include all three dogs in this holiday home tour, one did not want to be part of the photos. Instead, Hudson wanted to stand at my feet the whole time while I took the photos, of course! 😀 Izzy and Mylah on the other hand have no problem being the center of attention and didn’t care what I was doing as long as they were the focal point.

Instead of ‘posing’ them in places I knew they probably didn’t want to be in, I photographed them in the places they would naturally be. And yes, for Mylah that includes the middle chair of our dining room table. She always hops up there to sit and watch us in the kitchen.

Last year, was the first Christmas we spent in this house so we got to purchase A LOT of new decor (yay me!). I love the classic silver and gold theme of Christmas so that is what most of our decor theme is.

Izzy loves this chair in the window. Every morning we sit together in this big chair while I sip coffee and check emails and she looks out the window. It’s extra cozy right now with the Christmas tree, fireplace and stockings hung. Our tree is from Target and the ornaments are family hand-me-downs, gifts, DIY’s (like the dog’s paw print molds), or from the Dollar Tree. Yep, most of those big glitter ornaments, the stars, birds and flowers are all from the Dollar Tree!

On the fireplace (which I redid myself and will share in another post soon) we have decor from my fave place, Joanns – and we actually got the stockings there too! Each dog has a stocking and we have their paw print hanging on them. This was a DIY project I did last year that you can check out here.

Next on the tour is our entry table (I also redid this piece of furniture) that sits behind our living area. We use this for cards during the holidays. I love that my dog mom friends have also sent me holiday cards too! All this decor is again, from Joanns! I seriously love getting decor from there.

Our piano gets all decked out with an army of nutcrackers we have collected. This is Jeff’s favorite part of the decor because he loves collecting these guys. Next year when we add a few more to the mix we will need to start another area for them. I also added some faux foliage and lights to give the area a warm feeling. We have some aloe plants that sit on the piano as well that I dressed with some gold and glittery ornaments.

All the dogs love this couch, especially the girls. The sun shines on it just right in the afternoon and it sits right near the piano. We added some decor on the coffee table that sits in this living area. My grandma buys everyone in the family one of these wreath centerpieces every year. Since our tree is fake it is nice to have the smell of real evergreen with this centerpiece!

Our dining room table that you saw in the first picture with Mylah has garland (again, from Joanns!) as the runner down the table and faux poinsettia’s in three different vases. Since poinsettia’s are poisonous to dogs I don’t have the real ones anywhere in the house. The faux is just as pretty and I found some in gold and silver to match our gold and silver theme! The placemats are from Target and we got them for Thanksgiving but they work perfectly for Christmas.

Our dining area buffet has family silver on it which naturally looks perfect for the holidays. I paired it with glitter wrapped Christmas trees on either end, garland and lights. My mom gave us these adorable mugs at Thanksgiving that we keep out as well.

Last but not least is my DIY dog sign that sits in our kitchen! I love having this as part of the decor. You can find this project here.

I hope you enoyed a peek into our holiday decor and that you have an amazing holiday season with your pups, family and friends!



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