My Izzy girl turned eight-years-old last weekend! Of course we had to celebrate! Izzy’s favorite things in life are food and adventure, so we were supposed to go on an adventure to the lake but Mylah has been under the weather. Instead, we decided to celebrate with a backyard party with some of Izzy’s favorite people/dogs and of course, food.


I decided to make ice cream pupcakes, no-bake and frozen! Since I knew it would be hot out I wanted a cool treat for the pups to enjoy. Here is the recipe – they turned out awesome!

Ice Cream Pupcakes Recipe

1/2lb of grass fed, organic ground beef
1 can of organic pumpkin
1 organic russet potato
1 cup of plain organic Kefir
3 slices of plain grass fed bacon (optional)
2 tbs Organic mozzarella cheese (optional)
1 non-stick pan
1 Cupcake tray
6 Paper cupcake


1. Cook the ground beef in a non-stick pan, that way you don’t need to use any additional oils for cooking. Put in a bowl and set aside
2. Cook the bacon in the same non-stick pan and set aside in the refrigerator
3. Cook the russet potato in the microwave, cool, and peel off the skin
4. Assemble the cupcake liners in the cupcake tray
5. Place a layer of potato on the bottom of the cupcake followed by a layer of beef, pumpkin and potato again. Repeat for the rest of the cupcakes.
6. Pour Kefir into 1 cup container and take spoonfuls of it and pour on top of each cupcake
7. Put the cupcakes in the freezer until frozen thoroughly
8. When ready to serve the ice cream pupcakes, take them out of the freezer and garnish with bacon and mozzarella!
9. Serve to your pups and watch them enjoy!
Quick tip: I placed the candle (which I kept unlit) on top of Izzy’s pupcake by taking a dollop of coconut oil and putting it at the base of the candle and on top of the pupcake.
Once again we couldn’t even snap photos of the dogs quick enough to capture them eating these. They loved them!

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