Last weekend we went to Pride Fest with Izzy and not only did she have a blast but she got a ton of attention! Everyone loved seeing her strut around with her pride beads on. This was a HOT Chicago day so we brought and bought extra water to douse her with and made sure to take frequent water breaks. We stayed about 40 minutes at the fest because any longer would have been too hot. We also took a break in the local Petco for some cool air.

Izzy’s highlights from Pride Fest:

  • Meeting other friendly dogs supporting Pride Fest
  • Being adorned with colorful beads and showing them off
  • Meeting lots of new people including a good looking dancer
  • Posing for photos 😉

Tips for Dogs at Pride Fest:

  • Pride Fest is loud – there is a lot of blaring music, Izzy doesn’t mind it but it could be a shock to some dogs
  • There are a lot of beads, large flags and eccentric outfits and this makes Pride Fest what it is but if your dog gets nervous by large unknown things like this, be cautious of that
  • We recommend taking your dog during the day, before 4pm, when the party really starts
  • Pride Fest is very social and everyone pretty much loves dogs there! Your dog should be ready for lots of attention, petting, and hugs!
  • We found parking about two blocks away from one of the main entrances
  • As always bring plenty of water for your dog and look for signs of overheating


Izzy is on a mission to explore the dog friendly street fests of Chicago! Let us know if you have any recommendations in the comments below!  


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