Izzy is on a mission to explore the dog friendly street fests of Chicago! We are planning to attend one every weekend and review the street fest so other dog parents know what to expect each year. Let us know if you have any recommendations in the comments below!

Izzy’s highlights from Rib Fest:

  • Meeting kids who loved giving her attention
  • Sharing some ice cream with her mom
  • Trying a piece of her dad’s rib meat 😉
  • Walking around taking in all the smells

Tips for Dogs at Rib Fest:

  • Rib Fest is a super family friendly event during the day, we recommend taking your dog before 6pm
  • You have to be very careful and watch the ground for rib bones and other food. We did see some that we diverted Izzy from.
  • Because Rib Fest is very family friendly, kids did run up to Izzy. She loves kids so it isn’t a problem but this is something to be aware of if your dog doesn’t love kids.
  • We found parking about two blocks away from one of the main entrances
  • As always bring plenty of water for your dog and look for signs of overheating


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