We had another 30th birthday celebration to attend, this time in Indianapolis, IN. Since the drive was about three hours away and our friend’s house is very dog friendly, we decided to bring Izzy and Mylah! This was our first time to Indianapolis so we were excited to check out the city!


We felt comfortable bringing Mylah because she could stay and relax at the house while were out of the house. Her emergency vet’s sister company is also in Indiana which was a huge peace of mind for us. We spent the mornings, afternoons and took naps with her. Sadly, she couldn’t come with for our adventure in downtown Indy.


Before we all went downtown, Izzy went out for her first adventure with her dad and his best bud Sam for a beer. They both reported back that Black Acre Brewing Company was a fun bar with a nice dog friendly patio.

After that we all ventured out with Izzy for a few hours so we could explore the city together. First stop was lunch at Bru Burger which had an awesome dog friendly patio. Izzy stopped by some cool statues around the area too.
A walk away from the restaurant was the circle where the capitol building and the beautiful Indiana Memorial Plaza are. This area is gorgeous; it reminded me of Washington, DC. Naturally, Izzy posed for many pictures and was extremely interested in jumping in the giant fountain 😀

After we saw some of the sights, we all needed a bathroom and coffee break. We stopped by the Chocolate Cafe for some chai lattes and coffee. We sat outside with Izzy on another very dog friendly patio. The entire downtown Indianapolis is so dog friendly!
Before we headed back home to Mylah for some cuddle and nap time before the big 30th birthday dinner for our friend, we had to stop by Three Dog Bakery and get our girl a treat. The store was decorated for Halloween so a limited ingredient ghost pupcake seemed perfect for our polite Izzy to cap off her adventure.

After she devoured her pupcake, we headed back to spend the rest of the day with Mylah! Maria, Sam’s wife, loves both the dogs but definitely was loving on Mylah. She calls her ‘beautiful dog’ in spanish – I definitely like that nickname for Mylah 🙂


Indianapolis was so dog friendly I highly suggest visiting if you have a dog who likes a good adventure. It’s also surprisingly similar to a large, diverse city. Being from Chicago we just assume cities are smaller and don’t have as much to do, but Indy definitely does.

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