If you follow me on social media you might remember seeing a post about a dog named Roxie who was given up by her owners to animal control. I was volunteering with the Chicagoland Rescue Intervention & Support Program (CRISP) which diverts owner surrenders from going into animal control by trying to find them rescue as soon as they are dropped off. The program is amazing, and working too! The lives of so many dogs and cats have been spared as a direct result of CRISP. Including, Roxie’s.

Roxie needed to be transported to her rescue group in Indiana, and because I would do almost anything not to let Roxie go into animal control, I happily volunteered. Roxie stayed with a temporary foster for a week before we began our road trip to Indiana. I brought Izzy with me for the drive. She and Roxie got along great!

We packed our road trip bag including snacks for me, and snacks for Roxie and Izzy. Thanks to Chewy.com they got to try Weruva’s White Fish Treats and The Honest Kitchen’s Joyful Jerky Beef Filets. And yes, Roxie and Izzy loved both treats!

It was bittersweet to say goodbye to Roxie. I was so happy for her to be going to a rescue to find her forever home, but I also wish she could’ve joined my pack, or I could’ve fostered her. She is such a great dog – so easy going, affectionate and gets along great with small and large dogs. The rescue she is with reports that she is doing very well and even has a pending adopter!! So it all worked out for her! Here is her adoption profile.

After we dropped Roxie off with the rescue group, Izzy and I stopped to take a walk in a frozen over corn field. It was so cold that day but it was good to stretch out legs in between the drive. The total time we drove was about 6.5 hours.

The rest of my crew was really happy to see us when we got home. They also got to taste test the new treats! Since Mylah has such a sensitive system she has to eat very limited ingredient treats. The Weruva Whitefish Treats are perfect for her because they are literally whitefish, that’s it! Izzy and Hudson devour their Honest Kitchen treats, they are just the right amount of smelly and tasty. Whenever I bring out that bag the tails start wagging like crazy.

As much as I LOVE making homemade treats for my dogs, sometimes you need to have a couple bags of very high quality treats around, especially for road trips. I am proud to only feed and recommend packaged dog treats that are from companies with the highest standards who pride themselves on producing human grade dog treats.



As a Chewy.com Influencer, I received treats and other items for free in exchange for an honest review of their product. I would only choose a product or partner who I felt has the highest standards for the animals they serve. 

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