I work from home full-time now, and between the blog, shop and newly launched Dog Mom University, I have my hands in many different ventures during the day. I also share an office with three dogs, one who is very busy too and often needs a job. Can you guess which one?

If you guessed Izzy, good job! While Hudson and Mylah could be professional nap takers for the rest of their lives, Izzy would not be satisfied. She loves to have her mind and body put to work. When she gets her brain and physical exercise my life is a lot easier, and I can work from home without her staring me down, pacing and barking at me. She either gets a walk or playtime in the middle or end of the day, but the hours spent in my office make her bored and longing for something to do.

I posted some great indoor games I use to keep her stimulated, but when I’m working I can’t always be actively engaging with her. So how do I keep this busy girl busy in the office and around the house?

BRAIN TOYS! aka mental stimulation toys. These toys can be a lifesaver for a bored dog. One of our favorites is the KONG Wobbler (large). She was lucky enough to try it out thanks to our friends at Chewy.com. It’s really easy to use. I filled it up Acana Mackerel Green treats and it kept her busy for an hour. After that hour was the best part – she was mentally exhausted. She slept, and I got work done!

Disclaimer: The post contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a teeny tiny commission if you use them, and I really appreciate it when you do! I only recommend products I 100% support and that my dogs actually use. My partnership with Chewy.com allows me to receive free products. 

The second toy that keeps Izzy busy these days came in the mail from an awesome dog subscription box, PupJoy. This company is Chicago-based and I LOVE them because they are the only subscription box that will send you only organic, all-natural, high-quality toys and treats. We recently became a partner with them and my three dogs 100% approve of everything in their February box, I approve too! It’s so nice to be sent treats and toys that you can automatically feel confident about giving to your dogs.

We got the Grande Toys, Treats & Accessories Box with durable targeted to large sized dog toys with all natural and organic treats. You can literally tell them down to the protein of the treat what you want. You can get $10 off with this code.

Izzy is obsessed with the AnimaTwist toy that came in the PupJoy box. It is so challenging for her, but she will not give up on it. You can also use it as a treat dispenser too.

The PupJoy box is also a great way to have some fun with your dog when it arrives. Mine got SO excited when I started unboxing it.

So, my secrets to keeping a busy dog busy during the work day? Brain games, toys that work, and a subscription box like PupJoy to keep your toy and treats supply fresh, new and exciting! Get $10 off with this code!


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