I want to connect with readers even more, on an easier daily basis. That’s why I had the idea to create an exclusive group where we can connect face-to-face (well, Facebook-to-Facebook) with the common goal to share more information to help our dogs live longer, healthier lives.

I know you are a DIY dog mom like me. So why not find one place where we can post our questions, remedies, and information so we (and our dogs) can all benefit? I created a Facebook group for us to do just that.

Join the DIY Dog Moms: Holistic Remedies, Raw & Home-Cooked Food group now!

*Even if you don’t feed your dog raw or home-cooked food yet, that’s ok! There’s so much to learn about how you can incorporate healthy foods into your dog’s diet.*

So, will you join me and others in helping our dogs live longer, happier and healthy lives? Join now!


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