I’ve met some pretty incredible people as a dog mom and dog rescuer. The two other hands in this picture belong to Sarah and Kelly who rescued Roo and took him on an amazing adventure. They are incredible women and I am lucky to call them friends.

When Sarah and Kelly rescued Roo they found out he was terminally ill with cancer. They both adopted him and became the best moms ever – making every last minute with him count, and spreading the message to Live Like Roo. From overnights at the Waldorf Astoria to hiking adventures, ice cream dates, and appearances at football games, etc. Roo lived it up!

I was lucky enough to meet Roo at a fundraiser Sarah and Kelly organized to raise awareness and money for canine cancer. Roo passed away about two weeks after I met him. Since then Sarah and Kelly began the Live Like Roo Foundation that provides support to dogs who have been diagnosed with cancer. They’ve been spreading awareness, donations, and support to diagnosed dogs and their parents.

After meeting Roo I went home and thought about what he stood for and wanted to help give back to his namesake foundation, so I created the Live Like Roo bracelet. The stones represent what it means to Live Like Roo. Wearing the bracelet is not only a reminder of Roo, but a reminder to live your life spreading love, acceptance and kindness.

Live Like Roo Bracelet Stones and their meaning:
Sodalite Bead: Is a blue with white bead which is used to encourage and bring upon truth and new insights to life.
Pure Sandalwood Bead: Is tan colored, and invokes calmness and relaxation in order to open yourself up to unconditional love.

So far I’ve been able to donate $110 to Roo’s foundation and I hope many more! Click here to purchase a bracelet that supports the Live Like Roo Foundation.

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