With all of Mylah’s health issues come limitations on what she can and cannot do. Running around in our backyard is fine, but we do limit the amount of time she is able to exercise. If you follow my social media, like Instagram, you see I post a lot of pictures of us up in Wisconsin. We go there to get out of the city, hike and enjoy time on the lake. And we can only take Izzy with us for those walks or hikes because we can’t risk Mylah getting tired or exhausted. PS – Hudson has zero interest in hikes or walks. He enjoys swimming and sleeping 😉

I found a wagon I kind of liked to use with Mylah, but ultimately it was way too bulky and just a pain to even take her on a neighborhood walk in. I searched the internet to try to find a ‘backpack’ of sorts that would be safe for her, and fit a 30lb dog in it. I really just wanted to be able to take her for walks with Izzy and me, and hikes around the lake.

I was getting super discouraged because everything I found was for small dogs or didn’t seem durable. Until I found K9 Sport Sack (get 10% off using code DOGMOM)! I practically screamed when I found their site and saw that Mylah would fit in the large K9 Sport Sack Air. When it arrived, I had the best feeling it would work – and it did – it worked perfectly!!

We eased Mylah into the K9 Sport Sack and gave her treats as we were getting her bottom in the base of it and front legs through the top openings. She is a really patient dog and loved that she was being fed. Once we zipped her in, that was it! We were off and ready for a walk!

We also got to try their sunglasses and they are super easy and comfortable. They have soft adjustable straps and stay on perfectly. Mylah did not mind them at all. Mylah is having vision problems which seem to be worse when the sun is shining in her eyes so we are glad to have the sunglasses as an option when outdoors.

I love that the K9 Sport Sack can also fit water bottles and attachments on it. I am pretty small, so I didn’t want to overload my back with much more than a 30lb dog, but it’s great to have the option. You can also wear the sport sack on the front to give your back a break too.

Overall, a 10 out of 10 for this product! We did carry an extra leash in case Mylah needed a break, and as with any product – safety is always important. If your dog seems uncomfortable, give him or her a break and don’t force it. After a few times in the sport sack, Mylah already knows it’s hers though. When I brought it out to take this photo below on the white carpet she immediately laid on top of it 🙂 I had to move her off of it to get this photo!

This post is sponsored by K9 Sport Sack, however, I only partner with companies I truly believe in and personally use. I love this product for me and Mylah!


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