This post is sponsored by NuVet, all content and opinions expressed here are my own. I only partner with companies I truly believe in. NuVet products have helped Hudson & Izzy’s joint issues significantly. Read more to find out how. 

I love being active and outdoors with my dogs. In fact, THEIR favorite activities are truly swimming and hiking. They love a good adventure and always have. Mylah is a totally different story so she isn’t really part of this post; I want to focus on the joint health of Izzy and especially Hudson.

As many of you know, Hudson came from a puppy mill by way of a pet store and has some bad breeding genes in him. He walks with a gait and is a big guy. I have always been really concerned for his joint health, particularly his lower back and hind legs because they seem to be the most affected after swimming, hiking or general exercise. Hudson is now nearing 8-years old and since he was about 5-years we noticed him getting stiffer and slower after activities. In the last year, if he would lay down to sleep for awhile he would also have some trouble getting up and was slower going up the stairs. This killed me. So naturally, I tried all the supplements, rubs, etc. that I could including extra omega 3’s and fish oil but nothing was working that fabulously.

UNTIL…. we tried NuVet’s NuJoint Plus supplement. NuVet approached me about a partnership and honestly, at first I thought ‘another joint supplement that might not work’. But, I researched and looked into them heavily and thought it is worth a shot to try out, especially for Hudson. I am SO glad I did!!

For the last three weeks, Hudson (and Izzy) have been taking the NuJoint supplement and NuVet Plus immune system booster and I have noticed such a difference!! I wanted to give both dogs the chance to be on the supplements daily (for over a week) before we went to the lake where they would be swimming a ton to really test out if this would work. Izzy doesn’t usually display much soreness after swimming but I wanted her on both NuVet supplements because I know they’ll keep her strong.

Hudson is usually such a sore buddy after one swim. He usually swims once during the weekend and rests the remainder of the time we are at the lake. Nope, not this time! He swam multiple times and was not showing signs of soreness because of NuVet’s supplements!!

I didn’t even tell my husband about the supplements because I wanted to see if he noticed a difference without knowing that Hudson was on a new supplement. When we got home from the lake, I asked Jeff if he noticed Hudson being sore over the weekend and even around the house after sleeping and going up the stairs. Jeff thought about it for a second and replied, “yeah, you know he really hasn’t been sore at all which is kinda weird.” Yay for NuVet!!!

Right now, we are in Colorado and have been pretty active hiking and what not (check out my Instagram and Instagram stories to see what we are up to), and sure enough… NO SORENESS!

You should know by now that I am a huge advocate of holistic wellness and supplements to keep my dogs healthy. My goal is to make you and your dog(s) healthy as well. Once I’ve determined I’m satisfied with results I personally see in my pups for products and services I’ve become aware of, I want to share what I’ve learned! I highly recommend NuVet, and they are made in the USA which I also LOVE!

Feeding Guidelines

On the back of the NuVet bottle are instructions for weight and feeding the supplement. I give Hudson three NuJoint tablets and one NuPlus tablet with breakfast. If I know we are going to be doing heavier activity with him, I will give him four NuJoint tabs. For Izzy, she gets two NuJoint tabs and one NuPlus tab. Again, more heavy activity and I give her three Nujoint tabs.

Do NuVet Tablets Taste Good?

My dogs love them! They eat them like treats which is so nice because it’s like they’re getting something extra special every morning. If you have a picky eater, though, they are super easy to break apart and sprinkle on food.

I am going to continue Hudson & Izzy on NuVet because I have seen such great results and their health is so worth it ?

Order your NuVet tablets now and let me know how your dog does with them!


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