Specializing in recipes for diabetic dogs, healthy proactive dogs, senior dogs, and some therapeutic conditions

What is a custom formulated recipe?

  • A custom recipe formulated to your individual dog takes into consideration many factors including life stage, metabolic weight, exercise regimen, history, and more
  • Recipes are formulated using NRC Nutrient Requirements for Dogs. If you’d like a recipe that is formulated to meet FEDIAF standards, I am happy to do so
  • This is precision nutrition work meaning recipes are detailed and thorough in order to give your dog the best in nutrition

Each Recipe Includes

Nutritional Analysis

This analysis includes the recipe’s distribution of calories for macronutrients, dry matter basis breakdown, calories, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and proper balance of Ca:P, Zn:Cu ratio breakdowns. 

Batch Preparation Instructions

You will receive a 1 day recipe with amounts to create a batch of the recipe and portion it for 14 days or 28 days. Many people prefer to make a batch of the recipe, portion it, and freeze the portions for easy daily feeding.

Cooking Instructions (unless raw)

You will receive instructions on how to cook the recipe ingredients for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. 

Shopping List

The recipe will include direct links to buy any supplements needed to balance the diet or for added wellness benefits. Supplements typically are found on,, or Nutrapro International. If you prefer I use for your shopping list please let me know and I am happy to accommodate! I will also include information on where to purchase meat and certain cuts of meat from online retailers. Many farms also carry specific cuts of meat as well. Sometimes I cannot guarantee access to certain ingredients though I try my hardest and supplements are usually widely available.

Transition Plan

This document will walk you through my recommendations for a smooth transition to your dog’s new diet including how and when to add in supplements to avoid digestive upset, at-home remedies to avoid tummy troubles, and an easy to follow transitional feeding plan. For therapeutic diets such as for a diabetic, the transition plan will vary and be customized to the individual dog. 

Safe Handling Guide

This guide discusses safety in the kitchen when handling raw meat, storing your dog’s food, myths surrounding washing raw meat, and more. 

Follow Up Support

Each service listing comes with follow-up support. For healthy dog recipe listings you receive two (2) email correspondences AFTER the document containing all final recipe information is received via email. Additional emails or a phone call can be purchased for $30 per 30 minutes of time. For therapeutic recipes your follow-up comes with two (2) hours of support time, 1 hour can be used on a phone call before or after you receive the final recipe information.

Example of a Recipe’s Nutritional Analysis 

Current turnaround time for recipes is 7-10 business days unless you expedite service, then wait time is 48-72 hours.

Now accepting new clients!

Healthy Adult Dog Recipe Formulation, $75

“I want my dog to eat healthy, be proactive in their nutrition, and live as long as possible.”

This is a recipe for a healthy adult dog that is either cooked, raw, or can be a combination diet. Adults must be finished growing in order to have an adult dog recipe formulated. The dog should also be free of any major health issues or concerns. Once you purchase the service you’ll be contacted so I can learn more about your dog via a detailed online questionnaire. I will review the questionnaire and reach out to you with any additional questions I have so I can formulate the best recipe for your dog!

Healthy Senior Dog Recipe Formulation, $100

“I want my dog to thrive in their senior years, overcome any aches and pains, and gain the most from nutrition in their golden years.”

This is a recipe for a healthy senior dog who require a more thoughtful diet with considerations of ample protein, an ideal protein/fat/carb ratio, and abundant sources of vitamins and minerals such as manganese, selenium, and magnesium. A custom recipe for your senior dog can enhance their longevity and nourishes their aging body with supportive foods. Once you purchase the recipe service you’ll be contacted so I can learn more about your dog via a detailed online questionnaire. I will review the questionnaire and reach out to you with any additional questions I have so I can formulate the best recipe for your dog!

Therapeutic Recipe for a Diabetic Dog, $150

“My dog was just diagnosed, I’m running out of options, I can’t control blood sugar, I want the best for my diabetic dog.”

This service listing is for diabetic dogs and includes a recipe formulated to fit the specialized needs of a diabetic. Diabetic dogs are often complex cases and food can make all the difference in blood sugar regulation. I take into consideration the many factors and complications of a diabetic dog in order to create the best diet so your dog can thrive despite his/her health challenges. Once you purchase the service you’ll be contacted so I can learn more about your dog via a detailed online questionnaire. I will review the questionnaire and reach out to you with any additional questions I have so I can formulate the best recipe for your dog!

Therapeutic Recipe for an Allergy Dog, $180

“My dog is itchy and can only tolerate a few ingredients and I want to help them feel better with the right nutrition.”

This service listing is for allergy dogs who require a limited ingredient diet based on an elimination diet or allergy scan. Once you purchase the service you’ll be contacted so I can learn more about your dog via a detailed online questionnaire. For this recipe formulation it is important to know or be willing to figure out the specific foods that cause your dog to ‘flare’. If you do not know what foods might be triggering I can guide you in an elimination food trial or refer you to the scan I feel is most appropriate for your dog. I will review the questionnaire and reach out to you with any additional questions I have so I can formulate the best recipe for your dog!

Other Therapeutic Conditions Recipe Formulation, $150

“My dog has an ongoing health condition that I know nutrition can play a bigger role in helping maintain their health and longevity.”

This is for dogs with certain conditions who require a homemade diet in order to control their current diagnosis. Conditions I will work with currently are:

  • Pancreatitis
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Stones
  • PLN
  • EPI
  • IBD or IBS
  • Cancer

Nutrition Consult Call, $45-$90

“I have questions about my dog’s nutrition that I want to discuss with a professional so I can gain more knowledge.”

Unsure about what might be the best route to take for your dog’s nutritional needs? Or maybe you have specific questions about your dog’s current diet and how to improve it. Choose from a quick 30 minute consult or a more in-depth 60 minute consult. Consults allow you can ask questions, receive recommendations, and learn more about canine nutrition for your dog. This does not include a recipe, formulation, or audit of a recipe but often comes with many recommendations and a better understanding of what your dog might need for optimal health through nutrition. You will receive a questionnaire to fill out via email so I can learn about your dog prior to our session.

Expedite My Service


Need your recipe sooner than the normal 7-10 business day turnaround? ‘Expedite My Service’ bumps your recipe to the top of the waitlist so the recipe is turned around in 48-72 hours, even if the order is placed on a weekend.

Ingredients Used

Ingredient selection for your dog’s recipe is based on many factors. Not every ingredient listed below may align with your dog and their needs, requirements, or preferences. This list is simply an overview of ingredient choices and those I have to work with when formulating a recipe for a dog.

Cooked or Raw Meat

Cooked or Raw Organ Meat

Cooked or Raw Fish & Cooked Shellfish

Plants & Phytonutrients

Raw Meaty Bones for Raw Recipes


Supplements Commonly Used

 Dietary supplements are commonly used to cover nutrient gaps in a recipe in order for the dog’s diet to be complete and balanced. While I try to use as little supplements as possible it is necessary 99% of the time. There are a few reasons why dietary supplement use is necessary in homemade recipes.


  1. Recipes that are complete and balanced and use only whole food ingredients become costly very quickly and would need to use raw meaty bones for calcium and phosphorus. Not all dogs can handle eating raw meaty bones.
  2. Depending on the area you live in you might not have access to every single whole food item to cover nutrient gaps
  3. If your dog requires a therapeutic recipe or limited ingredient recipe then there is no way to provide a complete and balanced diet without the use of supplements. Therapeutic recipes require very cautious and selective use of whole food ingredients in order to address a specific medical condition. Without the use of dietary supplements to fill in the gaps we are unable to meet the dog’s nutrient requirements.
  4. Almost always home cooked diets using only whole foods are deficient in calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and EPA/DHA unless they are being supplemented. Don’t let your dog go without the proper nutrition and nutrient requirements being met just because a supplement might not seem as appealing as a whole food ingredient. A dog with nutrient deficiencies that has brittle bones due to lack of calcium and Vitamin D is in a MUCH WORSE situation than a dog who gets the proper calcium and Vitamin D in their diet from a supplement. 

Below are examples of commonly used dietary supplements used to avoid nutrient deficiencies. Based on your dog’s individual needs and your preferences for budget and prepping the recipe there are typical ratios of whole food ingredients to dietary supplements that I offer to clients to choose from. 

  • 3-5 food ingredients to 7-10 supplements
  • 5-7 food ingredients to 4-7 supplements
  • 8-10 food ingredients to 1-4 supplements (can become costly quickly with so many food items)
  • or whatever works best for my dog and his/her recipe

Calcium and/or Kelp

Vitamin E



B Vitamins


Frequently Asked Questions

 Is a custom recipe really that good for a dog? Every dog is an individual and should be fed according to their specific needs. The benefits that precise individualized nutrition can have on a dog are often life-changing. I’ve worked with clients who were desperate for their dog to start feeling better again and proper individualized nutrition was the game-changer

Raw or cooked food, which is better? There are pros and cons to both. Some dogs do not tolerate a raw diet and sometimes owners are not comfortable feeding raw food to their dog. Cooking can take up more time then preparing raw and cooking might require more of an investment in cooking utensils and supplies. One myth that I want to address is that cooking destroys the nutrients of food. That is simply not true. Cooking changes the nutrients of food but definitely does not destroy them. 

Does complete and balanced really matter? The short answer is yes. Aside from avoiding nutrient deficiencies, complete and balanced means that your dog’s body is able to absorb all the nutrients from their diet gaining optimal health from the diet. Some nutrients interact, one example is zinc and copper. These two key nutrients are often fighting for absorption in your dog’s body so it’s important to have them balanced. Additionally, iron is also a competitor for absorption with zinc and copper so ensuring that those three are getting along well within a dog’s recipe means that your dog is receiving the benefits of all three nutrients and one is not deficient or lacking.

I have two dogs, if one gets a custom recipe can I just use the recipe for my other dog? It depends on a few factors and we can discuss this in-depth. Similar age, activity level, and health status play a role in determining this. This does not mean you would receive two recipes for the price of one. There may be a chance overlap is possible with a second dog but it might not be a perfect fit. Email me in advance to ask if this could be appropriate.