Natural Nutrition for Dogs

Custom formulated diets for your individual dog’s needs

Specializing in diabetic dog diets and healthy proactive dog diets

Just as nutrition plays a massive role in the lives of humans, the same goes for our dogs. Natural nutrition means feeding a diet that ensures your dog is receiving all the nutrients a canine requires. Recipes are formulated to NRC standards and based on your dog’s unique qualities including life stage, activity, health status, and more. 


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“I stumbled upon Alicia’s website in search of a diet for my 10-year-old blind, diabetic pug.  I had literally tried every high-end food product for dogs out there from Orijen dry kibble to Small Batch raw turkey sliders. He was diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago and it had literally been a huge struggle trying to regulate his sugar. The veterinarian insisted that changing the food is not necessary and I should stick to a prescription vet diet even though it does not work.  I honestly felt that it didn’t make any sense and decided to do some research on the internet to see what others with similar issues were feeding their dogs.  That’s how I came across Alicia’s site.  Alicia was so wonderful and put together an easy to follow diet recipe, with clear instructions on where to find the ingredients and how to transition Nero.  It has been a few months now and Nero is doing very well! His sugar is stable and he absolutely loves his food. He never has any bowel issues and his stool is always perfect!! We can’t thank Alicia enough for being so caring and thorough with her services. Thank you so much!! You literally saved Nero’s life!”
Olivia & Nero

“My dog was having random stomach issues and constant anxiety problems, I figured out it all had to do with what I was feeding her. She wouldn’t eat her kibble (the highest end kind) unless it was added with bone broth or other food motivators. She would rather go days without eating than eat kibble. That was causing her the anxiety, the stomach issues… her kibble didn’t make her feel good. With Alicia’s guidance to identify the right raw foods for my dog, a feeding schedule, how to feed, etc. I now have a dog who looks forward to every meal. Feeding her raw has evened out her weight and she is MUCH less anxious. We are both less anxious now because I no longer worry about her food. She loves her raw diet, she is healthier because of it and when you feed your dog raw it all makes sense that this is how dogs are supposed to eat.”

Meg & Raina

Every dog is different and should be fed as an individual who requires specific nutrients for their species, age, life stage, health, activity level and more. I have learned from experience raising four dogs, feeding raw, feeding home cooked, feeding raw fad diets and working with hundreds of rescued animals that the science of nutrition cannot be argued with. I have experienced firsthand what a complete and balanced fresh food diet does for my own dogs and seen what an incomplete diet does and how it is harmful.

I have completed hours upon hours studying canine nutrition for my own dog’s sake, and those that I work with in rescue. Science does not lie – dogs need specific nutrients on a daily basis and dogs need fresh foods incorporated in their diets on a daily basis for optimal health.

Transitioning to a Fresh Foods Diet: Transitioning your dog to a fresh foods diet can take time, patience AND dedication. You will receive information on how to transition your dog to avoid GI upset, but as with any new food, this might occur. If you have been feeding kibble, vaccinating yearly and/or giving antibiotics for your dog’s entire life, your dog’s gut pH balance will be off and will need time to adjust and heal.

What if my dog has special needs or can’t handle raw food, or I don’t want to feed raw food? You don’t have to feed your dog anything you are uncomfortable with. Ultimately, you know your dog best and need to be their advocate. If your dog has special medical or dietary needs we will discuss this at length via the detailed intake form I send or over the phone. I want to gain as much information as I can about your dog so I can create the best recipe for him or her. If that takes an extra phone call, then that is what we will do!

“The plan you put together has been so much a big help to Tulip and myself! Her blood sugar is now the best its ever been, two weeks ago it was 88 compared to like 190! I have you to thank for being so great at what you do!”
Daisy & Tulip

“My foster dog had recently been diagnosed with diabetes. I didn’t have tons of experience on this condition and was redirected to Alicia for advice and support. She talked me through everything and provided me a great amount of knowledge! I am very grateful for her coaching me through this and I feel my foster’s health has benefited greatly. In fact, now that his diabetes is under control we are adopting him laughing” 

Krissy & Popeye

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