Many Instagrammers overlook the importance of their bio and focus solely on their feed, and I get why. With so much information being thrown at Instagrammers to have the perfect looking feed and produce great content it can get overwhelming to focus on anything else. But there are SO many other aspects of Instagram that when combined become a total force for your brand. One of those elements is your bio. Those 150 characters are super important because it is the first thing users are drawn to when they go to your profile.

You can create an engaging and attention-capturing bio using emoji’s and info about you but it has to be relevant to your overall business and goals. I see two main mistakes businesses make with their bios…

  1. Not giving any info that sets you apart from your competition
  2. Trying to give too much info and causing confusion

When working on your Instagram bio, refer back to these key elements of your business…

  1. The business’ branding
  2. What makes you different
  3. What is your elevator pitch?
  4. What symbols or emjois can play into your branding and business?

I have a more developed way to craft a seamless and strategic Instagram bio in my free resource library.  

Last, keep these other elements of your Instagram profile in mind when you are working on your Instagram bio:

  1. Your name is key – remember this is the only searchable element within the Instagram platform
  2. Location is relevant particularly if you have a brick and mortar storefront or business in that area
  3. Making it easy for people to contact you via email or phone is also important if you run a local or nationwide business
  4. Utilize a call to action with your link (I discuss this more in the document in my free resource library)

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